Code Blue's Article in Food and Beverage

788 Recommend Four Cheap Anti-Cancer Food
Improper diet can cause cancer, but eating the right food can prevent cancer. Not long ago, the national anti-cancer Research Associate held lectures in Shenzhen, pointed out that nature is no shortage of anti-cancer substances, they are widely found in natural food. At present, recognized by the international and domestic anti-cancer effect of vegetables are: sweet potatoes, asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, beets, carrots, shepherd's purse, mushroom, Chinese cabbage; fruits ar
Posted on Feb-05-2012

411 What does Suddenly Visit of Mouth Addiction Mean
Mouth addiction, refers to in a period time, you have a strong desire to a specific food. Numerous studies confirm that a taste preference means that nutritional deficiencies, which may be the signal of your abnormal health or nutritional imbalances.
Posted on Dec-27-2011

420 Paste Food Can Nourish Four Kind of Tired People
Paste on the common market foods are sesame paste, lotus root starch, oatmeal, walnut powder, seasoned millet mush, etc., these foods because of convenience food, nutrient-rich are popular among a lot of people.
Posted on Dec-27-2011

447 Three Notes of Persimmon Help You Eat Healthily
Recently, a 3-year-old girl was rushed to Capital Institute of Pediatrics to accept emergency. The child was unconscious, the doctor diagnosed as “stomach rupture perforation”, followed by a tense rescue. While the reason of this incident was that the girl ate a big tempting persimmon.
Posted on Dec-23-2011

382 What Kinds of Food Contain Antioxidants
One study showed that although we often think that coffee, tea, chocolate and red wine all have no benefits to health, if we are moderate to enjoy these dishes, they are excellent sources of antioxidants.
Posted on Dec-18-2011

375 Common Foods That May Cause Cancer and Make Life Shorter
Today, it's still a time that people turn pale at the mention of cancer. Because of some bad living habits in life, it is likely to lead to cancer. There are several common cancer-causing foods around you, and you definitely have eaten. Regularly eating these foods will cause cancer, and even greatly shorten your life. What are the cancer-causing foods?
Posted on Oct-07-2011

342 Foods Must You Must Eat Before Going to Bed
We always want to eat midnight supper when it is late in the evening. But we had better choose carefully as for the foods eaten before sleep, or the terrible consequences are known to all of us. But as long as choosing the right snack foods, it will not affect the figure. Besides, it helps relax before sleep and improve sleep quality. The following foods are recommended by professional nutritionists, so that you can eat fully without worrying about being fat.
Posted on Sep-28-2011

349 The Way to Make Lemonade and Its Effectiveness
The Way to Make Lemonade and Its Effectiveness
Posted on Sep-27-2011

382 How to Choose Fruits to Eat to Keep Healthy in Autumn
No matter in what seasons, fruits are the favorite foods for people and they have different nutrients that beyond imagination. Here I will recommend several suitable fruits for people to eat in autumn.
Posted on Aug-24-2011

334 How to Eat Black Foods in More Nutritional Ways
Black foods are rich in essential amino acids, which could strengthen the body’s resistance to heat, cold, fatigue and hypoxia. So they are very helpful in improving immunity and preventing aging. Many people know that black foods contain high nutrition and frequent eating is beneficial to body health such as black sesame, black rice, black date, black beans, black fungus and seaweed. But people often make some mistakes to affect the absorption of food nutrients.
Posted on Aug-11-2011

486 Eating Grapes with Grape Skins Could Protect Your Heart
There is a medical phenomenon called French phenomenon, which refers to the fact that French incidence of coronary heart disease is significantly lower than other countries in Asia and Europe. Therefore, medical workers do a lot of research and find that it owes to grape.
Posted on Jun-27-2011

569 Fresh Fruit Beast Could Give You Beautiful Hair
It is common knowledge that fresh vegetables and fruits are very good for our body health. Does anyone know that fresh fruits could also make hair healthier and attractive? The following fruits have this function:
Posted on Jun-15-2011

472 What Foods Are Most Likely to Gain Weight
When most people are worry about how to lose weight, there are some groups are concerned about how to gain weight. The excessive thin body also has a lot of troubles, so people tried several ways to gain weight. The following foods are suggested for those thin people.
Posted on Jun-12-2011

540 How to Eat Fresh Raw Vegetables and Fruits in Healthy Ways
It is popular to eat fresh vegetables and fruits now because people think that they are green and nutritional. How to eat these foods in a more nutritional and safer way? Today, I will give you some introductions.
Posted on Jun-02-2011

817 Beware of Misunderstandings in Eating Watermelon to Lose Weight
Watermelon is sweet and juicy, so it is very suitable to eat in summer. Many ladies think of eating watermelons to lose weight, however, they have some misunderstandings in it. If they could not correct these misunderstandings, they will achieve the opposite results.
Posted on Jun-01-2011

698 Eating Various Cereals Could Keep Healthy on All Sides
Nowadays, many people know that eating grains is helpful to their health, but do you know the features and health care products of various cereals?
Posted on May-12-2011