Code Blue's Article in Nutrition

976 All Ages of Nutritious Food on Women
Every woman wants to have a beautiful face, according to the age and attention to nutrition supplement intake is that every woman should know. So I compile some of the data collected at different ages of women need some nutrition foods.
Posted on Feb-02-2012

430 What Foods People Should Eat to Prevent Cold in Winter
Under the cold weather, many old people have to wear thick clothes, but it is difficult for them to resist cold. In fact, people could eat some foods to keep warm, such as mutton, beef, chicken, shrimp and sea cucumber. Some coldness is caused by the deficiency of some trace elements.
Posted on Nov-29-2011

611 Breakfast That helps Refresh the Brain
Our mind sometimes is clear and sometimes is slow; our mood sometimes is relaxed and sometimes is depressed. These are all related to how we eat.
Posted on Sep-29-2011

337 Several Eating Ways of Honey for Health Care
Honey is a nutritious food. Fructose and glucose in honey is easily absorbed by human body. Therefore it is a good diet recipe for health care and anti-aging in fall.
Posted on Sep-26-2011

442 The Nutritional Value of Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes
1. Tomatoes are rich in carotene, vitamin B and C. in particular, vitamin P content is in the highest rank of vegetables. And the vitamin C, glucide, rutin and other raw materials contained in tomatoes play a role of anti-scurvy, softening skin, protecting blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, aiding digestion, etc.
Posted on Sep-23-2011

387 What Kinds of Foods Are Effective in Clearing Intestine
Many people are troubled by the problem of constipation or obesity. Diet could help them solve these problems. Here, I will teach you what kinds of foods are useful in clearing intestine and keeping healthy.
Posted on Sep-19-2011

751 Recipes of Disease Prevention and Health Care in Autumn
The fall season is the most appropriate time to take tonics, but you should also follow certain principles. If taking the wrong tonics, you not only cannot prevent disease and preserve health, but also will get into sick. Here, herbalist doctors recommend several best recipes of disease prevention and health care.
Posted on Sep-13-2011

448 How to Improve Your Health Status by Diet in Autumn
Many people especially office workers find themselves in the sub-healthy status. In such situation, I think they can improve their health status through diet. The following foods are suggested to add in your daily recipe.
Posted on Aug-31-2011

404 What Foods Are Recommended to Eat in Autumn
The recipe of our every meal changes with seasons. The autumn is coming now, and we could taste some delicious foods which are popular in autumn. In the following text, I will recommend several kinds of foods people could eat to improve health in autumn.
Posted on Aug-31-2011

426 The Nutrition Value Comparison of Egg Yolk and Egg White
With the improvement of living standard, a lot of people feel that the eggs are not as delicious as before. Some people even only eat egg white and throw the egg yolk away. In the past, eggs are the best food prepared in festivals and the supplement nutrient after diseases. So, we are wondering which part is more nutritional, egg yolk or white?
Posted on Aug-26-2011

459 Do Not Eat Seafood Together with Fruits Since Autumn Is Coming
In autumn, a variety of pathogens are in an active state. If you do not pay attention to personal hygiene at this time, it is likely to lead to bacteria breeding in large population inhuman intestines, thus causing diarrhea. And among diarrhea patients, more than 30% get this because they do not choose while eating food.
Posted on Aug-22-2011