As a writer you should follow the below ethics

Guna Seelan, Platinum Author
  • You are writing for people not for search engines.
  • Your ultimate aim is not to get back links from Article directories from the articles.
  • Your articles will never misguide any reader.
  • Ask your conscience before you write positive or negative about a person, product or service.
  • Follow your instincts and try to be as personal as you can.
  • Do a thorough research on the subject before even thinking of a Title.

The first step on writing an article is to research the topic you wish to write. The best place to do this will be Wikipedia, Ezinearticles, News Sites (CNN, BBC) and through search. Beware that everything published on the Internet or not correct and verified. If you are to consider any statistics, get it from authenticated sources like Government sites, CNN, BBC or Reuters.

The next step is to think of a catchy title. Most of the writers think of the titles spontaneously while doing the research. It occurs naturally to writers. However if it hasn't happened you have to think of a good title. It's the title around which your article is developed. Titles should carry the entire message of articles in a few words. If you can think of a good title then you are almost done with 40% of the job. Lot of writers go for titles starting with "Top 10", "Most wanted", "Must Know" etc. While that is not bad while writing for a magazine but statistics prove that web users are tired of "top 10's", "must know" and similar titles.

Instead they are focused at the starting 3-4 words on the title.

Example of a bad title
"Top 12 natural foods to lower your cholesterol"

Good title
"Natural Cholesterol Killers - The top 12 foods"

The body of article

The first paragraph has to be interesting for any reader to read beyond it. Tell part of teh message on the first paragraph and keep the reader hooked in. The first paragraph can address about the general issues for which your article will offer solutions. Keep it brief yet interesting. Use simple sentences and do not use a lot of punctuations.

The second Para can support the first paragraph offering statistics, data or any relevant third party information you have researched. This will need time for research but it will be compensated on the reduced writing time as you may have to only put the facts together.

The third and fourth Para’s will offer the solution you have for the issues. Do not talk directly on the product or service. Instead talk about the solution itself.

Proteinex-555 is the best supplement which helps you gain muscle mass

Research doctors have come up with a protein supplement which increase muscle mass

The final Para should be the conclusion. Put a personal touch to it while you write the conclusions.

Innovation is important for any writer. You should react to what is happening around you. For e.g. If Swine Flu is making news, relate it with your topic in the article. Talk about the current happenings around you wherever possible. Remember that writing an article is not limited to above. This is one type (Problem-Analysis-solution) of article writing of the numerous types. I will try to provide tips on each and every type of article writing as and when time permits.

The major types of articles are
  • Problem-Analysis-solution
  • How to do things
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Items (top 10 etc)
  • Announcement articles
  • Review of product/service/situation
  • Reporting articles
  • Fact Files

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