Best Practices for writing articles


Guna Seelan, Platinum Author
  • Research well before you write.
  • Provide a catchy but short title and do not CAPITALIZE title.
  • Write with simple sentences and good grammar.
  • Write in the same mode (active or passive) through out the article.
  • Rewrite data and statistics according to your articles except the figures.
  • Provide statistics, proof and examples wherever possible.
  • Check the Authenticity of your source of statistics.
  • Try to get statistics/data from Gov websites and authority sites like CNN, BBC & Reuters.
  • Try to segregate content into paragraphs wherever applicable.
  • Use limited punctuations.
  • Edit and proof read articles at least once.
  • Write for readers.


  • Do not CAPITALIZE title or beginning of paragraph.
  • Do not use excessive keywords.
  • Do not use excessive punctuations.
  • Do not use Jargons.
  • Do not ramble; readers are not interested in your rambling.
  • Do not jump from active to passive or vice versa
  • Do not write articles for search engines.

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