Jason's Article in College

1103 Why You Need to Step Outside the Lecture Hall
A look at the advantages of post-secondary education that takes you outside the lecture hall, frequently found in practical college programs.
Posted on Dec-23-2014

677 Payroll Management: A Crucial Aspect of Any Company
The Payroll Management Graduate Certificate program prepares graduates for career success as payroll professionals.
Posted on Jan-02-2012

746 Distance Learning Gets You Closer to Your Dream Career
Distance Learning programs and courses provide students the freedom to achieve their personal development and/or business education goals in a way that is accessible and convenient.
Posted on Nov-16-2011

509 Make Canada Beautiful as an Esthetician
This piece is about the field of Esthetics and how its growth is creating new job opportunities for those trained at Esthetics college programs such as the one at Centennial College.
Posted on Sep-29-2011

545 Attend an Aviation Program and Soar to New Heights
Aircraft technicians are responsible for ensuring the safety of a plane before it takes off. Professionals must attend a program such as the one offered by Centennial College, which results in an Ontario College Diploma.
Posted on Sep-29-2011

567 Enter the Project Management Field with Hands-on Experience
Whether you organize a corporate event, or spearhead a new marketing campaign, the most innovative work is done as a project delivered on-time and on-budget. Training for the Project Management field is available at Centennial College.
Posted on Sep-22-2011

530 Graduate from Payroll Management in Just Two Semesters
The Payroll Management Graduate Certificate program at Centennial College prepares graduates for career success as payroll professionals in positions such as Payroll and Benefits Clerks, and Payroll Accountants.
Posted on Sep-22-2011

513 Hotel Management School Provides Training in a Variety of Areas
Hotel management includes a variety of fields that allow professionals to work in areas such as tour coordination, human resources management, hotel and restaurant general management and more. At Centennial College, students can obtain the appropriate training.
Posted on Sep-21-2011

455 Computer Systems Technicians Enter the Field After Two Years of Study at Centennial College
Centennial’s popular Computer Systems Technician - Networking program allows flexibility and gets you out into the job market sooner. It only takes two years to complete.
Posted on Aug-17-2011

441 A College Degree Can Help You to Advance
A degree program can give you the advantage you are looking for in your career. These programs also help people to network and meet a wide range of people who may benefit them professionally and personally.
Posted on Aug-11-2011

450 Go Global With Centennial College's International Business School
In today's open trade environment, having a global approach to business is essential. At Centennial College, business students are taught many aspects of international business through a variety of programs.
Posted on Apr-20-2011

519 Attend a Reputable Toronto College and Get Results
Centennial College is an excellent option for obtaining a Toronto education. It is Ontario's first community college and has continuously produced employable grads.
Posted on Apr-01-2011

956 School of Social Work Provides Meaningful Career Opportunities in The Community
Social Workers are responsible for working with a variety of people to enhance their individual and collective well-being.
Posted on Mar-21-2011

426 If You Continue Education, You Can Obtain Your Dream Career
To continue education, you must find the right college and program to attend. Centennial College has 160 part-time programs from which to choose.
Posted on Mar-11-2011

389 Pursue Nursing Programs to Enter the Medical Field
This article provides the know-how on nursing programs. Moreover, it tells you the tasks of nurses and the different options to learning the skills needed to successfully perform those tasks.
Posted on Feb-23-2011

428 Help Nurture The Next Generation As A Child and Youth Worker
The field of Child and Youth Workers is concerned with helping youth, their families and communities develop and grow in a positive way. In their roles, child and youth workers nurture the youth with whom they work and become positive role models.
Posted on Feb-21-2011

617 A College Education Results in Success
The importance of a college education isn't just reflected in one area of your life. Students gain both financial and personal benefits when they participate in college programs as their job security, personal knowledge and network all see positive results.
Posted on Feb-03-2011

567 Business Administration & Accounting Program at Toronto College
This write up shows in Business Accounting Program high degree of flexibility, combined with quality courses that develop strong fundamental skills in problem solving, communications, mathematics, analysis and other business functions.
Posted on Jan-28-2011

521 Biotechnology Technician & Industrial Microbiology Program at Toronto College
This article shows how well students are trained at Centennial as Biotechnology Technician. Students are equipped with knowledge, skills and the latest technology. These students will make careers in biotechnology field with confidence.
Posted on Jan-28-2011

467 Television Broadcasting and Film Program at Canadian College
This article speaks up about Film Producer Training and Television Broadcasting Training at Centennial College. Prepares students in Participate in Students for Films and TV, as well as the Journal, a student-produced newsmagazine TV show that airs live and online.
Posted on Jan-28-2011

532 Centennial College offers Developmental Services Worker Program
This article speaks about Developmental Services Workers program at Centennial College and its importance in the society. DSWs are called upon to help to build natural community supports, networks and valued social roles for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Posted on Jan-28-2011

540 Centennial College offers Court Support Services Program
This program is about the admission and the scope of Court clerk training and Municipal Court Training at Centennial College. The admission requirements and criteria has been given very clearly.
Posted on Jan-27-2011

425 Community Services & Child Studies Foundations at Centennial College
This write up speaks about the admission and selection criteria of Child Studies Course, at Centennial College. Students will have the opportunity to develop academic and professional skills and attitudes, which will facilitate success in their program of choice.
Posted on Jan-27-2011

440 Centennial College offers Holistic Practitioner and Complementary Care Program
This article speaks about Holistic Practitioners getting trained at Centennial College. It provides students from a variety of health-related backgrounds the opportunity to develop a strong initial base of competency as Complementary Care practitioners.
Posted on Jan-27-2011

437 Centennial College offers Hospitality Management Program
Today’s tough job market expects everybody a thorough professional. Hence Centennial products are ready to go with the flow. This article is about hospitality management program, menu management at Centennial College.
Posted on Jan-27-2011