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Graduate from Payroll Management in Just Two Semesters

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The Payroll Management Graduate Certificate program at Centennial College prepares graduates for career success as payroll professionals in positions such as Payroll and Benefits Clerks, and Payroll Accountants.
"This is a two-semester program and it is 50 per cent courses supplied by the Canadian Payroll Association but taught here at the Progress Campus," say Professor Dryden, who teaches in the Payroll Management program at Centennial College. “And 50 per cent courses developed by Centennial College. One of the key advantage of this program is that the graduate will have exposure not only to the technical aspect of the processes of payroll but they will also have a broad understanding of the management processes around payroll, compensation and be able to step confidently into an orientation with other professions that work with payroll, such as accounting."

While Professor Dryden does a fantastic job of giving an overview of the Payroll Management program, let’s take a more in-depth look into its specific aspects. First and foremost, to gain entry into the undertaking, students must present an official transcript that demonstrates proof of successful completion of a post-secondary advanced diploma or degree program. In addition, they may be required to participate in an interview process, during which a transcript and resume review may be required. English proficiency will also be considered. Please note that if students are able to present a combination of partial post secondary education and relevant work experience, they may be considered. That is open to all disciplines.

As the undertaking is designed for those with previous experience in (assumingly) the financial field, students will develop and enhance crucial skills they already possess in a number of key areas and gain an extensive knowledge base. To achieve this, the Payroll Management program includes courses such as Strategic Compensation (helps students to develop a solid understanding of the strategies, issues, process, and techniques involved in developing and administering a compensation system), Human Resources Management in Canada (presents a survey of the major functional areas of human resources management, highlights key issues, and introduces students to a variety of best practices currently in use in high performance organizations), Pensions and Benefits (introduces students to the varied and complex area of pensions and benefits); and more.

This Payroll Management program also places emphasis on emerging trends and issues in payroll management, such as the use of promising technologies and changing legislative requirements. Therefore, payroll system training is taught using an SAP application.Teaching tools used by professionals include: case studies, simulations and project-based learning, with a focus on developing project management, teamwork, report writing and presentation skills.

Qualified students are eligible to earn the professional designations of Payroll Compliance Practitioner and the Certified Payroll Manager that are granted by the Association (please note that registration in this will incur costs in addition to tuition).

Upon graduation, Payroll Management professionals are employed in every sector of the Canadian economy in positions such as: Payroll Clerks/ Officers, Payroll and Benefits Clerks/ Administrators/ Payroll Accountants, Human Resource and Payroll Generalists, General Accounting Coordinator, and Small Business Bookkeepers/Accountants.

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Emma, who authored this piece, takes a look at the Payroll Management program at Centennial College in Toronto, Ont. This undertaking takes two semesters to complete and is designed for those with a previous college education.

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