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Terms & Conditions for authors
  1. You agree that the article submitted at ArticleSeen is originally written by you. You confirm that you hold the exclusive rights of each article written by your “hired ghost writer” and submitted by you to ArticleSeen.
  2. Acceptance of the submission of articles to ArticleSeen doesn’t guarantee the publication of the same. ArticleSeen decides whether to publish or not to publish your article. ArticleSeen holds the right to remove the published article anytime.
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  7. You also agree that your articles meet the editorial requirements which could be found at http://www.articleseen.com/guidelines.aspx
Terms & Conditions for Publishers
  1. The footnote "Article Source: www.ArticlesSeen.com" mentioned in the articles should not be removed while syndication
  2. The copyright of each Author of the articles seen at ArticleSeen must be respected. You do not have the right to change any part of the article, including, resource content and links. The article should be used as it is for syndication.
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  5. You agree not to sell any article seen in our directory without written approval from the original author.
  1. You agree that ArticleSeen cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the publication of Articles as ArticleSeen only provides a platform for connecting the Authors and readers. However, you can report to admin@articleseen.com if any stolen content is found to be published at ArticleSeen. Such articles will be removed immediately of you provide us with appropriate proof.
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