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Enter the Project Management Field with Hands-on Experience

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Whether you organize a corporate event, or spearhead a new marketing campaign, the most innovative work is done as a project delivered on-time and on-budget. Training for the Project Management field is available at Centennial College.
"The program is very participative in project management. Participative in the sense that we encourage group work, case studies, applications of what is being learned. It’s very much a hands-on learning rather than one-way lecturing and reading books. In addition, students are encouraged to take an internship,” says Isaac Sethian a professor in the Project Management program at Centennial College — one of the only project management institute offered at college level.

While professor Sethian gives an excellent overview of how the program works, let’s look at some of the specific benefits of attending the three-semester undertaking. First and foremost, those interested in attending must apply by submitting an official transcript demonstrating proof of successful completion of a post-secondary advanced diploma or degree program. The School will consider applicants presenting a combination of education and relevant work experience, open to all disciplines. Non-academic requirements include: interview, transcript and resume review.

This program follows Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) standards and provides fundamental, hands-on training to equip specialists-in any discipline- with the skills needed to lead a project from start to finish. The Project Management Graduate Certificate program is suited for college and university graduates, from any discipline, who wish to increase their employability by working towards a globally recognized certification in Project Management. The in-depth and challenging curriculum also makes it a well-suited program for professionals seeking to develop their leadership skills, and effectively introduce and manage innovative and creative ideas.

Specific courses offered within the Project Management program include: Business Presentations, Fundamentals of Project Management, Project Leadership, Business Principles and Requirements Management, Project Planning and Scheduling, Project Management Tools and Applications, Project Estimation and Cost Management, and more.

In addition to the PMBOK-centered curriculum, an optional 12-week Experiential Learning Opportunity (field placement) allows students to gain valuable, hands-on experience industry leaders expect. Each student is assigned to an external host organization as an internship placement. Each student must take instruction and direction from the employer regarding their tasks while on work. Throughout the work term, a faculty member will monitor students. This course facilitates sharing of experiences during the internship in a safe and encouraging environment and helps the student structure his/her experiences in terms of a portfolio, which is an important summative document for the entire learning acquired during the length of the program.

Upon graduation from Project Management Courses, students find jobs in are wide variety of industries, including transportation, marketing, construction, health, new media, education, advertising, engineering, finance and more. The majority of the work is performed with large companies that have specialized professionals of all aspects of business.

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In this article, Jason writes about the Centennial College Project Management Courses. This three-semester program includes courses such as: Business Presentations, Fundamentals of Project Management, Project Leadership and more.

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