Torri Myler's Article in Hobbies

690 How About Origami?
Origami is most definitely an art form, but at home, when you’ve had a tough day, it can be a very relaxing activity.
Posted on Nov-26-2010

774 We Should Always Find Time for Passion
Relaxing doesn’t always mean staying at home and starring at the TV screen or sleeping till noon. It can also mean spending time on our hobbies and passions. We have to understand that this way we can also rest and gather energy for the next busy days.
Posted on Aug-23-2010

569 Skip Driving to the Office for the Summer
If you don’t live too far from the office or don’t have to take any major roads to get there, and your office doesn’t have too strict of a dress code policy, you could try and see if walking or taking a bike would be an option for you.
Posted on Jul-09-2010