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How About Origami?

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Origami is most definitely an art form, but at home, when you’ve had a tough day, it can be a very relaxing activity.
For most people origami is just a folded piece of paper resembling a frog, a crane or a flower. As much as it is just paper, no glue or cutting allowed, it is at the same time so much more than just folded shapes. A thousand cranes are believed to bring happiness and health, butterflies are thought to represent the bride and the groom on their wedding day, and who hasn’t used a folded fortune teller to find answers to most pressing childhood questions. Origami is most definitely an art form, but at home, when you’ve had a tough day, it can be a very relaxing activity.

Today’s fans of origami tend to use special colorful paper to create beautiful animals and flowers, but in the beginning the rules were not very strict as to what kind of paper should be utilized. If you’re just beginning your adventure with paper folding, you might want to use less expensive paper or even utilize your old celebrity scandal magazines or mini mouse, kitchen robot or DVD player user instructions, just pay attention to paper being not too thin or it will rip easily and not too thick or you won’t be able to fold it tightly. Grab a good old fashioned notebook and feel how tick the pages are in it, and that’s more or less what you want to aim for.

It’s very important that the paper for origami is square, but the dimensions are up to the folder and the effect they want to achieve. In the beginning you may want to use slightly bigger sheets so that all the folds are easier to make. Cut your paper to shape using sharp scissors so the edges are straight and don’t have any tears or folds and you can get started with your folding.

There are numerous instructional books for origami and there are also materials available online, including video clips, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding directions. It may seem simple, but origami can get quite difficult, so don’t hurry into complicated forms and start with the simplest ones. When you’re looking for instructions, pay attention to how many folds different figures have and start with those that have the fewest, moving on to more complex ones with gained proficiency. Practice different folds and always take a look at explanations of different instruction symbols, as they may vary slightly from book to book, and in no time you’ll be folding by heart.

Once you have the basics covered, you can move on to more complicated figures, but the beauty of origami is that even if you only stick to cranes to make your thousand of them, you’ll still get the benefit of paper folding. It’s a hobby that makes use of paper that otherwise would be considered trash, it helps you concentrate on what you’re doing so you forget about any issues you might have, it slows your pulse and at the same time lets you exercise your hands and develop a better spatial imagination.

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