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455 HTC Titan - O2 Deals
The Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC is well known for its Android-powered smartphones. In the past, it was responsible for the mobile of the year award-winner in 2010 - the Desire.
Posted on Oct-20-2011

293 Apple iPhone 5 And Its New Features
The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple certainly has a reputation for being tight-lipped about their up and coming products. This is the same case with the highly anticipated iPhone 5.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

554 Apple iPhone 5 And Its Improved Camera
One of the features that attract consumers to handheld mobile devices is their cameras. The more megapixel counts, the more people find them desirable. According to reports, this is exactly what the Apple iPhone 5 has to offer.
Posted on Sep-02-2011

422 Say Goodbye To Personal Computers With The Apple iPhone 5
In the past, Apple devices were dependent on Macs and PCs when it came to backing up their devices as well as software updates. Whenever you had to back up files, you would have to plug-in the device into your computer.
Posted on Sep-02-2011

1661 Always Remembering Things With The Apple iPhone 5
Although the Cupertino firm has not released any tidbit of official information on the up and coming Apple iPhone 5, we can now know what features to expect on the official page of the iOS 5.
Posted on Sep-02-2011

562 iOS 5 Pre-Installed On The Apple iPhone 5
On the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco back in June, we were all expecting the official announcement of the Apple iPhone 5. However, Steve Jobs instead unveiled the iOS 5.
Posted on Sep-02-2011

427 iCloud - A New Feature For The Apple iPhone 5
With the iOS 5 unveiled on Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference back in June, we were also informed that iCloud would be a new feature that would be included with the new operating system. Since the Cupertino firm is said to feature their updated operating system on the Apple iPhone 5, it is sure to allow users to enjoy the new cloud service.
Posted on Aug-30-2011

566 Apple iPhone 5 and New iOS 5
On Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco back in June of this year, we all expected the official announcement of the iPhone 4's successor.
Posted on Aug-30-2011

508 With Nokia E6 You Will Never Get Lost Again
If you love to travel around the UK or in other countries, you will be thrilled to know that the Nokia E6 offers excellent GPS and navigation.
Posted on Aug-30-2011

270 Full Adobe Flash-Enabled Web Pages Power Of The Motorola Atrix
From October of 2010 to January of 2011, internet traffic generated by mobile phones has increased from 4 percent to 9 percent in the UK. By June of 2011, internet traffic generated by handheld mobile devices has increased to more than 14 percent.
Posted on Aug-30-2011

377 HTC Wildfire S - Unique Entry Level Handset
The Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC is definitely known for making the one of the world's best high-end Android smartphones. It first wowed us with the Desire back in 2010. This Android 2.1 Éclair-powered smartphone jump started Google's mobile operating system into stardom. After the Desire, other innovative handsets soon followed.
Posted on Aug-30-2011

860 Games On The Nokia X7
The Nokia X7 is now replaces the N8 as a smartphone built around entertainment. Aside from being pre-installed with Symbian Anna, it comes with all the modern features you would expect from a next generation handset from the Finnish manufacturer.
Posted on Aug-20-2011

402 With The Nokia N9 - It Is A Small World After All
One of the features the Finnish phone manufacturer is known for is its map services. It is the only GPS Navigation service that rivals Google Maps on Android smartphones such as the HTC Sesation.
Posted on Aug-05-2011

301 With The Motorola Atrix You Are Secured
If you're looking for an Android smartphone that puts a large priority on security, look no further. You will find these features in the Motorola Atrix.
Posted on Jul-28-2011