Kristina Keffer's Article in Reference and Education

932 Retrain For a New Career at Welding School
Welding is a steady and secure profession. There is always a need for skilled welders in a number of industries, and the Oklahoma welding schools offer multiple welding training programs and welding technology courses to suit your educational goals and needs.
Posted on Jun-25-2009

1272 Medical Assistant Training Programs
In 21st century America, career security is a hot topic and of great importance. With an aging population and rapid medical advances, medical assisting careers and other similar jobs in the health care field, are expected to grow faster than all other career fields.
Posted on Jun-16-2009

891 High Demand in Texas for Healthcare Graduates
If you’re unfamiliar with Amarillo, Texas, chances are you’ve heard about this beautiful town through the lyrics of a popular song. Amarillo is known as the “yellow rose of Texas”, but that’s not the only thing it’s become known for. Amarillo is a historic, but bustling city in the fast paced state of Texas.
Posted on Jun-16-2009

1252 Acquiring a Welding Career in Jacksonville
There is a feeling of pride when you look at a final product and know that it was created by just a few tools and your own two hands. Imagine an artist’s finished painting or a chef’s completed entrée. Now, imagine looking at a 90-story building or a three mile long bridge and knowing that you were a vital part of the existence of this architectural wonder.
Posted on May-28-2009

1832 Medical Careers in El Paso, Texas
Many people aspire to be involved in the exciting and challenging medical field. However, the average person doesn’t have the time or money to spend on an expensive medical school. Luckily, there are options available that make it possible for someone to work in the medical field that doesn’t have the copious amount of time and money needed to attend medical school.
Posted on May-18-2009

1451 Graphic Design Schools in Salt Lake City
In this day and age, computers are replacing almost all other form of design, written word, communication, marketing and much more. Because of this, gaining education in the area of graphic design is a decision that will lead to a bright future.
Posted on May-15-2009

948 Career education in Pennsylvania
Although the amount of people attending four-year colleges has increased substantially in recent years, there is still a large amount of people who don’t feel that this type of education is for them. Many of these people may turn to a vocational college; in fact, vocational colleges seem to be a growing trend in many areas, including Pennsylvania.
Posted on May-06-2009

1021 A Career in Business is Easier than You Think With a Las Cruces Associate Degree
If you’ve recently graduated from high school or you’re looking for a career change, you have thousands of options right in front of you. For many, a traditional four year college becomes their default solution.
Posted on Apr-29-2009

1154 Medical Assisting School – A Stepping Stone to Success
If you’ve recently graduated high school, or you’re looking for a career change, you’ve probably thought about our current economic situation. It has never been more important to train for a career you can depend on. With jobs constantly disappearing, students are becoming rightfully choosier about the path they choose to take.
Posted on Apr-28-2009

825 How to Grab a Career in Residential or Commercial Construction
Construction is a never ending process. Each day, thousands of commercial and residential buildings are constructed worldwide. As long as construction exits, the demand for the Carpentry & Construction professionals will be on the rise. Getting trained in Carpentry & Construction is the easiest way to get into the careers in residential/ commercial construction.
Posted on Apr-12-2009

847 The Necessity of Maintaining HVAC Systems
With summer just around the corner, it’s time to tweak up the performance of all the HVAC systems. You may be aware of the fact that all the HVAC systems in use today need to be maintained periodically. Though many people just ignore the maintenance of the HVAC systems, it is just indispensable for the effective performance of the systems to ensure optimum comfort.
Posted on Apr-12-2009

833 Mark Your Calendar for the Annual PAPSA Conference
PAPSA is a well known name in the Pennsylvania Education world. The Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators is the one that represents 300+ career private colleges in Pennsylvania. PAPSA provides a paid membership for administrators and students schools and colleges of Pennsylvania.
Posted on Apr-06-2009

1578 Business Administration Career Options
With lots of online degree programs available today, it will be very much confusing to choose the right one. As with all the online degree programs everyone will promise that you get into an promising career as soon as you successfully complete the program. However, you cannot be certain about getting selecting in the field that you want to get into. People often make a mistake by choosing the online degree program that is most advertised on the Internet.
Posted on Mar-26-2009

1020 3 Most Important Facts about Careers in International Business
Getting into a career in International Business is neither a very easy task nor an uphill battle. With the proper education and a positive attitude, anyone can get into a successful career in International business. Extensive traveling, willingness to meet new people of different cultures, knowledge about foreign languages and good socializing skills are very much essential for a career in International Business.
Posted on Mar-21-2009

976 The Best Bachelor Degree Program to Get into Government Contract Related Jobs
A job in any Government related sector is a dream for many people out there. However, getting into a Government related job was an uphill task in the earlier days. Things have changed a lot today. With the introduction of some Bachelor Degrees, getting into a Government job is very easy.
Posted on Mar-17-2009

1054 3 Most Wanted Tips to Start Your Accounting Career
When it comes to the most well paid jobs, the finance jobs are the ones to look for. A career in accounting is more satisfying along with well paying. According to different statistics, the demand for accounting professionals has reached its peak through the recent years. People have a misconception that, in this nose dived economic conditions, the accounting career has no charm.
Posted on Mar-17-2009

1212 The Scope of Electrical Training
There are countless numbers of Diploma programs and training courses available today. All of theses diploma programs promise an aspiring career. While most of these Diploma programs fail to keep their promises, there are a very few programs which still have their charm. The Diploma programs in Electrical technologies are the examples of such careers which really have the potential to get you into aspiring careers.
Posted on Mar-10-2009

9465 Career Scopes of Welding & Fabrication Technology
We are all well aware that manufacturing and construction are never ending processes. As long as the world exists, there will be construction of some kind and manufacturing of some kind of products. In turn, as long as these two processes exist, there will be welding and fabrication. With more and more buildings erected each day and countless numbers of products manufactured, the demand for the welding & fabrication technology professionals is very high.
Posted on Mar-10-2009

1201 Begin a Fulfilling Information Technology Career near Washington DC
Information Technology is an industry that still provides lots of career opportunities in today’s unstable job market. Software development, networking and record maintenance in the health care facilities are just a few of the the opportunities in the information technology field.
Posted on Mar-02-2009