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47 Know the Causes for Windscreen Damages
The interior of your vehicle is protected by your windshield from temperature changes, precipitation, and the consequences of driving at greater speeds.
Posted on Jul-23-2021

129 Damaged Windscreen - Repair or Replace it?
The windscreen in your car not only provides a clear view of the surroundings but also protects the interior of the vehicle from debris and dust.
Posted on Mar-01-2021

166 Is It Possible To Fix My Car Windshield Damage Myself?
We understand that there’s nothing worse than dealing a day with unforeseen windshield damage.
Posted on Feb-04-2021

161 Repaired Your Car Windscreen? Follow these 6 Safety Tips
Windscreens in vehicles play a huge role in enhancing your safety. A cracked or damaged windscreen poses a threat, which is why it must be repaired or replaced at the earliest time possible.
Posted on Jan-04-2021

479 Windscreen Cracks and Chips Impact Your Safety, Get It Fixed On the Right Time
A study reveals that the windscreen provides up to 45% of the structural integrity in a front end collision and 60% in a rollover. Thus a windscreen plays a significant role by providing strength and structural support to your vehicle.
Posted on Jan-17-2019