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Damaged Windscreen - Repair or Replace it?

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The windscreen in your car not only provides a clear view of the surroundings but also protects the interior of the vehicle from debris and dust.

The windscreen in your car not only provides a clear view of the surroundings but also protects the interior of the vehicle from debris and dust. Moreover, it provides aerodynamic stability to the car. Despite the different safety precautions we take, we all have had some or the other time dealt with a cracked windscreen in our lives. What should you do when you find yourself in such a situation? Before we talk about this in detail, let us start with the basics.

How strong is the windscreen?

Windscreen glass is made of impact-resistant laminated glass. Windscreens also have a high penetration resistance which ensures the safety of the passengers and the driver. If it suffers any damage, the breakage is localised at the point of impact resulting in a crack or chip, and the driver's visibility will not be affected. The modern age windscreens will not shatter. Instead of shattering into sharp shards, it breaks into small cuboid shapes, preventing injuries to the car's occupants.

Different types of windscreen damages:

Different types of damages can occur on a windscreen. Whether you should go for windscreen replacement in Sydney or it must be repaired depends on the type of damage incurred and various other factors.

Bull's eye crack:

When a blunt object hits the windscreen, the crack it makes is circular in shape. At times a small piece of glass chipping off is also common. This is the most common windscreen damage.

Stress crack:

Stress crack is a type of internal crack that usually results from sudden temperature changes. For instance, if a car buried in snow is washed directly with hot water, the sudden temperature change can cause stress cracks on the car glass.

Half-moon crack:

Just like bulls eye crack, this type of crack also results when a small blunt object hits the windscreen, but instead of circular, it takes the shape of a semicircle.

Edge crack:

The crack that occurs at the edge or within two inches of the windscreen lining is called edge crack. It tends to spread quickly if not attended immediately.

Replace or repair the windscreen?

Now that you know the basics, we can move on to the important question. Many different factors decide whether your car glass can be repaired or if it needs replacement.

The size of the damage:

Not all cracked windscreens should be replaced. The size of the damage is a crucial deciding factor. A small chip of about 40 millimetres can be repaired easily by trained technicians.

The severity of the damage:

Whether it is a half-moon crack, star crack, or bull's-eye, the severity of the damage must be taken into consideration. If the chip is restricted to the outer layer of the glass, it can be fixed by a professional. However, if the damage has penetrated through the inner layer, it is advisable to invest in windscreen replacement cost Sydney.

The extent of damage:

Multiple chips on a cracked windscreen weaken the structural integrity of the glass. Hence in such cases, it is best recommended to opt for car windscreen replacement in Sydney.

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