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Insights on Common Types of Windscreen Damage and Solutions

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Windscreens are usually made from glass that is reinforced with a polycarbonate layer.
Windscreens are usually made from glass that is reinforced with a polycarbonate layer. As such, they are very strong and can take quite a bit of abuse before they break. However, accidents do happen and it's inevitable that your windscreen will be damaged at some point in time. If you're lucky, the damage will be limited and can be fixed with a few minutes or hours’ worth of work.

However, as cracked or shattered windscreen can be very unsafe, causing you to lose visibility of the road ahead and letting in cold air and rain. Fortunately, most windscreen chip repair Sydney can be fixed rather than replaced, at a fraction of the cost of replacing it entirely. Here are the most common types of damage and how you can fix them yourself.


The most common type of windscreen damage is a small chip. These chips are usually caused by rocks, gravel, or other debris from the road. Chips can be repaired with many types of glue and sealants. The best option for you depends on the size and depth of the chip and will vary depending on your location.


One of most common car glass damage is windscreen crack repair Sydney , which can range from small hairline cracks to large spider-web cracks. Cracks are often caused by flying debris, but they can also be a result of the car being involved in an accident. A crack will distort the shape and clarity of the window, so it's important to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Stone Break

It occurs when a stone, such as a rock or even some pavement, hits the glass and shatters it. This type of damage can be repaired by replacing the broken portion with a new piece that is made from either tempered glass or laminated safety glass (depending on the severity). The first step in this process is removing any excess debris from around the area where you need to fix the window and take it to the car glass repair shop.

Deep Scratch

A deep scratch is one of the most common types of windscreen damage and can be the most difficult to repair. The majority of the time, it's best to get your car professionally repaired.

Smashed Glass

If the windscreen has been smashed by a flying object or if it has been cracked by another car, it requires windscreen replacement near me. This is done with adhesive glass that is heated up in a special machine and then applied to the shattered area.

If you’re concerned about windscreen replacement Sydney cost, get in touch with your car glass repair specialist.

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