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6 Simple Tips to Prevent Brake Repairs

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What’s the best way to prevent brake repair? Taking care of your brakes as soon as they make noise or you see signs of wear.
What’s the best way to prevent brake repair? Taking care of your brakes as soon as they make noise or you see signs of wear. The leading Bellevue auto repair professionals always recommend that you pay attention to your vehicle’s tires, hoses, belts and fluids so that you can catch minor problems before they escalate into major repairs or replacements. Here are six simple tips to help keep your brakes from going out on you and causing you an expensive replacement bill.

Change Your Brake Fluid

A lot of brake wear is caused by moisture and dirt from your brake fluid getting into your brake system. So, it’s very important to have a professional change your brake fluid once a year, or every 20,000 miles or so. You don’t need to take your car in every time you change your oil – just call ahead and schedule an appointment with us so we can get you in when it’s convenient for you.

Keep it Clean

Most brake problems are caused by grime and dirt collecting in your braking system. As these contaminants build up, they begin to slow your car or truck down. To keep your brakes operating safely and smoothly, get them cleaned or serviced every 3-4 months.

Get an Annual Inspection

When it comes to your car, no one knows it better than you—but even if you’re a gearhead, there are some things that can only be identified by a professional. That’s why we recommend getting an annual inspection every year or two. When you head to your mechanic, ask them to keep an eye out for specific issues—such as brake repairs or potential problems with your wheels—and address any concerns right away.

Rotate your Tires

Keeping your tires in good shape is an easy way to prevent unexpected breakdowns. That’s because tires are what connect your vehicle to the road, and a flat or broken one will put you out of commission no matter how well-maintained your car is. So, keep tabs on tread, wheel alignment in Bellevue, inflation and wear patterns by rotating them at least once a year. And don’t forget to replace as needed!

Schedule Regular Maintenance

If you want to avoid brake repairs, you’ve got to catch problems before they turn into serious issues. Schedule regular maintenance with a mechanic, and stay on top of things by regularly inspecting your brakes yourself. Your local auto shop can walk you through how to perform inspections and give you advice on what signs to look out for.

Have Tires Repaired Before It’s Too Late

Repairing a tire is always more expensive than preventing one from getting damaged in the first place. It’s important to have a good set of tires that are well-maintained to ensure optimal performance and safety. When it comes to preventative maintenance, there are six things you can do to avoid incurring unexpected brake repair in Bellevue, WA:

• Choose your tires wisely

• Get your tires checked at least once a year

• Ensure you have quality brakes

• Keep your wheels aligned

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