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828 Quinceanera dress-make sure that it is fashionable and comfortable one
Putting on an improper gown may cost you a lot as you may be kept in their black books as a girl that is devoid of good taste for a long time. Hence, pay close attention to your outfit for your celebration as all people's eyes will be on you for the whole event and you will be under close scrutiny.
Posted on Feb-07-2012

752 Simple wedding dresses, beautiful wedding looks
In real life it seems a lot of future brides follow the same pattern, searching for the most amazing wedding gown they can find, one in which they will be unforgettable, because the brides-to-be believe the gown is the most important item as far as the wedding look goes.
Posted on Feb-06-2012

597 Three things you can do to get prom dresses 2012 for the lower price
Gowns in boutiques very often cost an arm and a leg and you are forced to look for either less recognized fashion houses or for other means of obtaining a dress for the prom. Fortunately, there are alternatives to spending large sums of money.
Posted on Jan-09-2012

979 Homecoming dresses – how to get them on the cheap?
Unless you have a golden credit card, you will probably want to spend as little as possible, yet have a fancy dress. Below, there's a handful of suggestions about how to get an outfit for your homecoming on the cheap.
Posted on Dec-20-2011

926 Get your prom dress ready for the big day – ways to unwrinkle your gown and hide a stain
Before this magical and memorable night can begin, you will possibly have to first deal with certain issues that you did not see coming. For instance, in order to make your dress shine, you will have to get all visible wrinkles out of it.
Posted on Nov-15-2011

725 No Cost Wardrobe Change
If you’re saving, shopping for clothes is definitely not what you want to do. You can either break down, go to the mall and refresh your wardrobe with a bunch of new clothes, or you can approach your closet with scissors, a sewing kit and the fierceness and artistic eye.
Posted on Oct-05-2010