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1105 Executive training – how to get a better picture of management class
Most freelance writers have a share in delivering business owners in ways that are attractive to the viewers, but have got reasonably very little to do with principled investigation, indicating that they target on individual desire, private concerns as well as sensationalized aspects.
Posted on Jan-11-2012

605 What can breathe some fresh air into your presentations?
Most people would be able to recite a list of top tips for making a good presentation even when woken up in the middle of the night, but it changes very little in the unwillingness of the audience to pay attention.
Posted on Sep-21-2010

525 How True is it That a Big Proportion of Workforce Harbor Serious Grievances
People are either dissatisfied with what and how they do professionally or sense a dominant spirit of discontent around them, which is about to burst into craziness practically each single day.
Posted on Aug-23-2010

894 Are Business Schools Doing Enough to Adapt to a Shifting World?
Since late 1960s when a lot of business schools opened their doors and began to churn out MBAs, they have presided over a staggering expansion, with a spike in the number of graduates that is impossible to overlook. Their prestige has steadily risen, as the alumni went to make an impact in the business world and proved their skills in practice, often giving back to their alma mater in endowments.
Posted on May-28-2010