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357 What to look for when you solve paragraph jumble questions?
Para graph jumble as the name itself suggest, consists of sentences not arranged in a logical sequences. A choice of arrangement of the sentences is given from which the candidate has to choose the most logical sequence which would be the most appropriate for conveying the message of the passage.
Posted on Jan-24-2012

365 What are sentence completion questions?
This question type tests the students’ ability to understand the main idea of the sentence and the logical structure of the sentence. It also test the ability of the student to anticipate what idea conveyed by a particular word will most aptly fit into the blank provided.
Posted on Jan-24-2012

383 English speaking tips and tricks with Modal Verbs Exercise
Learning English in today’s generation seems to be very important. Work in schools, colleges and industries are based only on English language.
Posted on Jan-24-2012

389 Tips for solving jumbling and grammatical questions
Finding the starting sentence- one of the key to solving a question correctly is the location of the starting sentence. Very often, a paragraph jumble question will get solved only by identifying the starting sentence. In the context of the types of sentence sequence used in writing paragraphs.
Posted on Jan-10-2012

419 Standard process for solving paragraph jumbles questions
Idea grasping phase- in the idea grasping phase, the focus has to be on identifying the main and supplementary ideas which constitute the message being conveyed by the paragraph.
Posted on Jan-10-2012

374 How to use Quotes in Your daily Life Routine
You have your near and dear ones who are related to you and Always stay connected with You and When Someone is so close to you than their must be ups and downs in relationship and if you are in a stage to say thank you to someone for what he/ she done for you than you can use some great quotes which will help you in expressing your thanks in a better way.
Posted on Dec-26-2011

398 Whether a Quote is small or big it always makes its Effect
What a great way to let make other more passionate. Yes If You make a goal in your life than you need to be more and more serious about that goal – If You think you can that just go for think don’t bring any more thought in your mind because when you achieve you feel proud on yourself and other will Proud on you.
Posted on Dec-26-2011

364 Why We Need Hope Quotes in Our Life – Some Need now some at Next Stage
Hope Quotes are a way to bring new hope and faith in our life. Now days after a tight schedule and lots of us and downs in one’s life we need to stop our self and think on the way we are moving, the way we are living our Life.
Posted on Dec-26-2011

370 Quotes Are Need To Be Short And Sweet
Purest form of art is Music. The music makes you feel happy when you are alone and sad. Singing and listening to the music is such an excellent thing.
Posted on Dec-19-2011

286 Death Quotes Close To Reality Of Sad Life
Birth and death are the two aspect of life and we all move between these two unknowns. A birth means live as a unique new character on earth and on the other side death means just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back with a new character. We always labour against our own cure and the death is the cure of all the diseases.
Posted on Dec-19-2011

295 Role of Quotes in Our Day Today life
Generally people don’t do anything when they feel sad or depressed. They just cry over their condition. Many people feel sad when they didn’t get for what they expect.
Posted on Dec-19-2011

268 What A Role Quotes Play In Building Our Confidence And Willpower
confidence is the feeling that someone feel before understanding the situation. Confidence is the great feeling that comes through preparation and practice.
Posted on Dec-19-2011

291 Quotes about Sweet Love, Thank You and Beauty With Their Importance in Life
Sweet love quotes – Love is something which cannot be define in words. Music is like a chocolate. It is the feeling of strong emotional bond between two people. The feeling of love can be express in no better way except Sweet love quotes.
Posted on Dec-03-2011

323 6 Technique How to speak English fluently
Speaking rules you need to know before starting learning English. Some basic and most important tips for speaking English.
Posted on Nov-28-2011