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143 Steps To Prepare Your Home For Interior Paint Job
Before you hire painters to paint your homes interior, there are a few things you should do to make sure the job goes smoothly and is finished on time and on budget.
Posted on Aug-03-2022

232 Perks Of Quality Interior Painting
Are you bored with your interiors? Is it looking dull and lifeless? Maybe it is time to consider repainting your home’s interiors. Painting the interiors is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to bring life and transform the look of any space in your house compared to revamping your interiors.
Posted on Aug-11-2021

216 What to Consider Before Painting Your Facility?
The commercial painting process differs from painting residential buildings. The paint should not only enhance the building’s appearance but also be used functionally.
Posted on Aug-11-2021

237 How Often Should You Repaint Your Office?
It’s no wonder first impressions are very important. The exterior and interior of an office make an impression on potential clients visiting your company and employees. A clean and well-maintained office is memorable for both the users and visitors of a building.
Posted on Aug-11-2021

256 How to find the best paint colour for your bedroom?
Paint colours for your bedroom should not be selected on a whim. With the countless hours you will spend in your bedroom, this space will affect how you fall asleep in the night, how you connect with your partner, the mood in which you wake up, and much more.
Posted on Mar-22-2021

289 Tips for picking the right grey shade for your walls!
If you dream of the perfect shade of grey but are overwhelmed with the watches, you are not alone. Grey is one of the most popularly used to paint colours for home interiors and the toughest shades to choose from.
Posted on Mar-22-2021

263 Painting tips to make a room feel cosy!
Be it poor usage of space, bad lighting, or wrong colour of paint, any of these can make a room, not in harmony with the rest of the house.
Posted on Mar-22-2021

269 A fresh coat of paint to boost the value of your home!
Selling your home is a big decision. Generally, we make minor improvements to the home before putting it on the market.
Posted on Mar-22-2021

262 Here are some good reasons to repaint your office space!
If you have just moved into a new office space, and want to make it more welcoming, apply a fresh coat of paint.
Posted on Mar-22-2021

288 Benefits of Hiring Professional Painters
Is your house in need of a fresh coat of paint? Are you willing to make a statement with your wall colours or want to give your home a new look? Painting is one of the cost-effective ways to enhance the curb appeal of your property.
Posted on Feb-17-2021

340 The Common Causes of Peeling Paint
Why is my paint peeling? This is one of the questions homeowners ask us frequently. Peeling paint on the walls can be unsightly and problematic. Peeling paint is a serious problem that affects almost all surfaces due to various reasons.
Posted on Feb-17-2021

312 What Colour Should I Paint My Bathroom?
This is one of the questions people ask us frequently. So, we, house painters in Wahroonga have decided to share some of the best bathroom paint colours with you in this article.
Posted on Feb-17-2021

296 A Glimpse at Colours That Can Help Improve Workplace
Are you wondering what colour to paint your office? With so many choices, it could be challenging and overwhelming to choose the right shade. You probably have heard that different colours can evoke several feelings and behaviours.
Posted on Feb-17-2021

287 How to Choose the Exterior Paint Colours for Your Home
When it comes to home designing or remodelling, we always prioritise on interior designs. Most of us often fail to realise the fact that the exteriors of your home make the first impression amongst people.
Posted on Jan-20-2021

291 Why Repainting Your Home's Interior Matters?
House painting can be an exciting and fun experience. When you need to give your house interiors a fresh look, you get to choose your favourite paint colour and think about how it can complement your interior décor.
Posted on Jan-20-2021

275 House Painting Project - Reasons to Choose Professional Painters Rather Than DIY
If your home needs a painted interior or exterior, you might be tempted to do the job yourself, but this choice typically takes more time and resources in the long run.
Posted on Jan-19-2021

288 Tips To Choose the Right Office Painters
Are you a manager of services or a land owner? In order to refresh the look of your homes, do you need to hire a painter?
Posted on Jan-19-2021

267 How to pick the right grey shade to make your walls look perfect?
If you are dreaming of the perfect shade of grey but is overwhelmed by all the swatches, you are not alone. Grey colour is one of the most popular shades for home interiors and is one of the toughest colours to choose
Posted on Jan-19-2021

270 How Lighting affects Paint Colour and why does it matter so much?
Painting your house is a great way to change the ambiance of your living space but choosing the right colour can be tricky. Understanding how lighting can affect the paint colour is an important consideration to ensure you get the best end result.
Posted on Dec-06-2020

292 How to prioritise Rooms for a Painting Job?
your home is not an easy job, you should cover the furniture, move them, prepare the walls for painting, protect the flooring, and more. You should also vacate the room for the painters to do their job perfectly.
Posted on Dec-06-2020

344 Tips for Choosing an Accent Wall Colour
If your bedroom or living is boring, maybe it’s time for a change. Of course, decluttering and changing the bedding can help to some extent. But, how about creating an accent wall? Yes, accent walls are an excellent way to make the interiors of your house stand out.
Posted on Jun-16-2020

373 Consider These Factors When Choosing Paint Colours for Your Home
Choosing the paint colour may seem to be an easy task. But it isn’t. Why? Not all paints are created equal despite their similar appearance. In fact, the characteristics of the paint colour you choose impact both the application and how it performs over time.
Posted on May-23-2020

395 Are You Planning to Paint Your Home? Here’s Why You Need to Hire Professional Painters
Painting is one of the cost-effective ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Yes, whether you are planning to sell the house or just want to make some improvements for your own enjoyment, a fresh coat of paint can make your home look nicer and boost its value.
Posted on May-22-2020