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Painting tips to make a room feel cosy!

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Be it poor usage of space, bad lighting, or wrong colour of paint, any of these can make a room, not in harmony with the rest of the house.
Be it poor usage of space, bad lighting, or wrong colour of paint, any of these can make a room, not in harmony with the rest of the house. Where it should be welcoming and warm, it feels uninspired and sterile, leaving you to wonder how to make this room feel cosy? The solution is as simple as a fresh coat of paint to liven up space! The aura of the space can be transformed entirely by selecting from a few cosy interior paint colours. Here are some tips from professional Painters Edgecliff to turn that one outlier room.

Cosy paint colours:

The tone of the room sets the mood of the space. Here are some excellent paint colour choices to transform the aura of the space into a cosy gathering place.


Soothing base colour like cream can create a classic, comfortable look. It is perfect for larger rooms. Consider it as a blank canvas to include your decorator and furniture.

Sea green:

Pleasant vibes and peacefulness will awash from this shade of sea green. Warm tones with cool underneath, this colour will draw you into its depth.


Subdued yellow can make a room look inviting. This reserved hue will emit a peaceful glow to your formally foreboding room.


The warm and lively shades of red can invariably inject life into a sterile space. You can use it for an accent wall if you cannot paint all the walls red.


Add a splash of expressing energy into an otherwise boring space. This vibrant shade will have you gravitating towards its warm characteristic.

Along with a fresh coat of the perfect new paint colour, there are few more tips to transform an otherwise ordinary-looking room into one with positive vibes.

Layer up:

Adding layers of rugs, throws, and pillows will make the space feel bundled up and lived in. Like donning a sweater to feel cosy, adding layers of warm material to a room creates a cosy atmosphere.


Include textures not only in the blankets but in the wall hanging and other decors too. Couple this tactic with a pop of vibrant shades, and you will find it hard to unseat from the newly found corner.


While lighting an inviting space, use incandescent light bulbs in a layered format. These bulbs can give off a more ambient glow. Combine it with a dimmer switch to achieve the desired level of illumination.

Talk to house painters Edgecliff:

There are many ideas to make a room look and feel cosy. To pick out some cosy paint colours, contact the best painting services in Edgecliff now.

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