Code Blue's Article in Relationships

810 The True Love in the Desert
She is a very talented woman, smart, beautiful, and has her own career, lives and the brilliant philosophy of life. He has admired for her for a long time. In order to her, he does not smoke, does not drink, and begins to listen to some music she likes, loves to see some of her books, but also learns to make her favorite dishes; for her, he even gives up the opportunity to serve abroad. But she has always been not received his pursuit, and get along with him flatly.
Posted on Feb-01-2012

837 Please Slowly Bypass the Little Puddles
In that peaches and plums’ ripe season, it has been the lingering rain. On Saturday, it finally has a touch of the sun. I asked a few buddies to play in the orchard of the outskirts. The road is a dirt road, both narrow and bumpy, besides, it is full of muddy and everywhere is pit. After a while, a truck approached from far.
Posted on Feb-01-2012

922 Lose a Ring As Well As Lose Love
Five years ago, they met when they were on the third year in High School, later they were admitted to the same university. But after four years of university, the boy was going to study in Japan. He bought the first ring to her, which was only 8 Yuan. Although it was only 8 Yuan, at that moment, she felt very scared.
Posted on Jan-29-2012

411 The Love of the White Pants
In fact, I am not suitable for wearing white pants. My body is not only short, but fat, and legs like radishes. However, since I was sixteen years old, I won the right to buy clothes for myself from mother. Every year, I would bought a white pants secretly and hide in the bottom of box. The pants of denim, linen, horn, I imagined I could wear the pants as elegantly as my neighbor’s sister during the day.
Posted on Jan-15-2012

487 One Thousand Pieces of Love Puzzles
In his third year of falling in love with her, she decided to leave, not only leaves here, but leaves here and goes abroad. She always feels do depressed, and wants to go out to relax. He did not say any words to retain her, but at the airport, he saw her off and sent her a box of puzzles.
Posted on Jan-15-2012

432 To Grasp the Psychology and Win Love
People’s hearts are complex, especially a woman’s heart. Woman is an emotional animal. They are not very good at grasping the feelings. Sometimes, they like flooding, while sometimes, they like dry creek.
Posted on Jan-12-2012

477 The Love on the Blind Lane
When I went to work, I saw my colleague Ruth was moving the bikes parked on the sidewalk away. I walked over and helped her move together.
Posted on Jan-03-2012

478 The Magic Standby Buttons of Love
Lucy's boyfriend was faithless, so she plunged into extreme sadness and it was difficult for her to extricate herself. People all came to comfort her, and was going to introduce the better boyfriend to her. They all hope she could soon go out of the shadow of lost love. But Lucy could not give up the past love, and had missed that bad man.
Posted on Dec-26-2011

446 A Beautiful Story Like the Unbeaten Flower
A man got cancer when he was young. In that period, the goldfish also got a fatal disease, and most of the domesticated goldfish were dead. That man was very sad, and every day whispered in front of the goldfish in the tank, he said that: “Goldfish is like people, they can also get cancer; goldfish is like people, they will die…”
Posted on Dec-21-2011

451 Let me See Your Heart to Make a Decision
There are two boys, one is from the southern and another is from the north, they are all handsome and talented. In that university, they are both the objects of admiration by girls.
Posted on Dec-06-2011

407 Originally I Thought I Could Have Those
I remember before, I was always speaking to myself without stopping, and it seemingly became my mantra: do not give up now, do not give up family, do not give up love, and do not give up the friendship.
Posted on Nov-17-2011

414 What is the Marriage in Life
I remember a sentence: love is a thing about two people, only just these two people know the feeling of love. But the marriage touches upon two families.
Posted on Nov-13-2011

429 My Friend is an Elegant Miser
My friend always took the surplus food from restaurant every time. The foods were divided into sis parts. Because of this, he was laughed by many winters, but he still was very happy to do this. I could not understand why he must do it: my friend live alone and did not have a good appetite. Did he want to throw the food to another place? At one time, I asked him to look for the answer. He just smiled and then he changed another topic.
Posted on Nov-10-2011

416 Lethal Intuition in the Career Life
Friend’s company has employed the game salesman to overseas. He gave two strange questions to people. And the reason was that almost all the people gave him the wrong answers and the others did not give the answers. What are the topics so strange? You can try to answer it.
Posted on Nov-09-2011

431 Let the Love Sing for You
My friend was a teacher in the middle school. One day, he saw a familiar name on the note of address list. He asked that student and ensured that his father was his classmates. At that time, they were on very intimate terms in school. But his classmates quitted school because of the questions of health, and he entered university. 20 years past, how did his classmate now? Could he still remember his name? He would like to know.
Posted on Nov-09-2011

455 Love at Sixteen Years Old
At the early autumn evening, I was sitting at the entrance of lane after drinking. Suddenly, a boy appeared in my eyes. Outside of the window, he rides a bike and turns the corner of the house. His clean blue blouse tied in the jeans; it seemed that he will have an official date. There was only a winter in the store except for my friend and I. obviously, he was very familiar with the winter, because he nodded his head and smiled to the winter.
Posted on Nov-07-2011

422 Every Life has its Own Light
A family has combined ten years, and the love is old just leave the days. During the days, it only has a kid in it. I have asked many people: “do you know your mother’s name?” almost people gave a positive answer. “Do you know your grandma’s name?” half of people could answer. “Do you know your great grandma’s name?” few people knew that. I thought it was so sad. Over four generations, they have already do not know where is the roots. In order to get a son, how many people cost a lot of money an
Posted on Nov-03-2011

395 You Can Never Forgive Me Forever
The mercy and goodwill is the key to the heaven. I have not climbed the heaven, but I climbed the Mount Kailas. That mountain was never conquered by people and the sharp was like a pyramid. At Buddhism, it is an Athos with a lot of gods. When I was a soldier in Tibet, the idea of liberation was always in my mind. The feet and hands needed to use at same time when we were in the process of climbing. If you were careless, this mountain will to be the tomb for you. Mount Kailas was really beautiful
Posted on Nov-02-2011

390 Using another Way to Tell a Story
At first, Xiao Yi told a story to Paul. “Mermaid fell in love with a human prince, so she wanted to land to look for the prince. And then she went to the undersea to the witch and asked her to change her tail to be legs…” “And then?” Paul asked. This story was told by Xiao Yi and his suspense was: “and then what happened to mermaid?” it was turn to Paul: “one day, an old lady who was hungry and thirsty passed through a village. She asked the people to give some food to her, but all of people hid
Posted on Oct-28-2011

485 The Source of Fear
What the common objects made people fear? The answers are the snake, insect, rodents, altitude and water, because these things mean danger to the people. If you are the designer of human evolution, you have to try your best to promise that people could survive in the original environment. The only rule to survive is the weak falling victim to the strong.
Posted on Oct-27-2011