Code Blue's Article in Reference and Education

302 Do You Have a Headache for Your Children Surfing Online
Do you have children? Do you have a headache for your children surfing online frequently? Yeah, excessive use of the Internet is harmful to people’s health and society. Robert Claut and his colleagues of Mellon University make a personality assessment for some of the subjects after a year or two years of using the Internet. They found that, the more time they spend online, the less communication they have with their loved ones and real-life friends, the less lonely and depressed they may feel at
Posted on Nov-16-2011

287 My Son is a River Horse Loving to Think
For children’s growth, we need to do discoverer, digger potential, support, and not the destroyer. When we teach our children, we had better from our own, think about whether the time of our youth is also the case? In my opinion, I feel like a hippo from small to large. I make a self-evaluation: although the action a bit slow, love to think; although less sensitive, responsible.
Posted on Nov-15-2011

296 Girlhood of Echo and Rene
Rene said when she was 15 years old, she was a sensitive girl. It seemed like many girls who have the tough temper, and always have an experiment to change their life.
Posted on Nov-13-2011

292 Pairs of Lover in the Classroom
Two pairs of loves fell in love with each other when they entered university in three months. I was as generous as possible to treat them in the class and tried not to disturb their warm time. They often supplied the candy to each other when I paid no attention to them. When they held hands to searched a corner to sit, I would think which love film will be showed today.
Posted on Nov-10-2011

306 Growing up with Shadow Friend
The girl’s adolescence always has relationship with a boy, because the tender and sensitive girl needs a shadow friend to encourage her. And the frank and strong boy is regarded as the shadow partner. X was a silent and humble girl.
Posted on Nov-09-2011

256 When Could Students Apply for High School of United States
More and more parents hope that their children could accept American education as soon as possible so that they can adapt the study and life in the future. However, the students who go to United States for high school study come from different grades. What is the most suitable grade for them?
Posted on Nov-07-2011

314 The Memory of Youth
In my memory, you are a curious boy with a big bag. But today, you have already sat the chair in the goodbye dinner. All the people came, although these people you did know all of them. The food were full of the table, you eaten little but drank a lot. At the end, you hung with you brothers who accompanied you four years and said a lot of double Dutch, and then you cried like a child.
Posted on Oct-27-2011

328 The Relationship of Staff and Boss
New Oriental Education & Technology Group and Global Education& Technology Company are the famous English training origination in Beijing. They have the competitions all the time. One day, the schoolmaster of Global Education& Technology Company heard news from the TV: the new oriental education& technology group will list in the Nasdaq. This news made him worriedly.
Posted on Oct-14-2011

282 Maybe Life is a Curve
The first person, his name was L. the local people will never forget him because of his achievements. In order to let the children enter the school, he sold off all the things include his house. So he has to move to school to support the school by himself. As a teacher of voluntary school, his wages is so little, so he has no money to have a family. Every flood season, he needed to receive students by himself in the dangerous place. Until the time of biggest flood, he saved about twenty students
Posted on Oct-13-2011

273 Too Much Pressure from Work and Family Makes Post-80s Overseas Students Feel Life Hard After Returni
China’s economic development has attracted more and more overseas students returning to obtain employment. However, these overseas students, especially those post-80s only child overseas students, face various pressures from family, society and work.
Posted on Jul-21-2011

485 How College Students Be Satisfied While Finding Jobs
As the saying goes, it is horrible to have no knowledge. Nowadays, graduates of key universities feel very aggrieved when facing the reality. Generally, a family spends a large number of efforts and capitals bringing up a college student. And they even hope that the fate of the whole family can be changed.
Posted on Jul-19-2011

444 Singapore Government Brings Out Newest Identification to Regulate Study Abroad Market
Recently, Singapore government has brought out the newest education trust identification to replace case trust identification. Thus the standards of admitting Chinese students are unified. The government might also approve Chinese students’ legal part-time work. For students from Chinese mainland, this is a good opportunity. Overseas students now studying in Singapore will obtain a green card enjoying favorable conditions after they work for half a year there after graduation.
Posted on Jul-15-2011

959 College Entrance Examination Is the Fairest Way to Defeat Affluent 2nd Generation
Housing price is so high that we can’t afford a house, thus the cost of love is higher. The cost to live and work in Beijing is too high and interpersonal relationships are too difficult, so many young people have grievances and complaints.
Posted on Jul-12-2011

508 Shanghai Teacher Who Supported Education Waved Goodbye to Children in the Mountain
“Most students of Yunnan Mountain Area have a poor family. Their bowls are oftentimes several pieces of vegetable leaves and potatoes. The bed quilts in their dormitory are full of patches.
Posted on Jul-11-2011

487 How to Let Children Watch Less Television at Home
Many children like watching TV for a long time, and it is worried by many parents. Watching television not only is bad for eyes, but also influences the normal development. So, how to let your children watch less TV?
Posted on Jun-08-2011