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349 Recipes of Breast Enlarging Help Women Bid Farewell to Airport
Now for a lot of women enjoy dressing up, breast enhancement has become a fashion. Then in addition to eating some of the health care products, how much do you know about the recipes of enlarging breast through diet?
Posted on Sep-29-2011

340 Foods That if Being Eaten Too Much Will Make Women Ugly
Weight, skin and figure are relentless pursuit for beautiful woman. However, since you enjoy dressing up, do you know that the food you eat inadvertently may just be the killer that ruins your beauty? The following five kinds of food will unwittingly destroy your face.
Posted on Sep-27-2011

361 How to Make Full Use of the Half Hour before Sleeping to Take Care of Skins
Skin care is the forever topic for women; however, to many office workers, their skins have to suffer from the radiation of computers in office and the torture of fumes at home. In fact, they only need to spend half hour before going to sleep so that their skins could be restored in the whole night. The following suggestions should be remembered in heart:
Posted on Sep-19-2011

512 Several Tips for Maintenance in Autumn
In autumn the sun is shining in an oblique line. But the sunshine in autumn contains a lot of Ultra violet A (UVA U-VA), which more easily penetrates the skin, stimulates melanin production, and destructs collagen and elastin, thus unknowingly causing black spots and aging of the skin. So as for dry and sensitive skin, we cannot be sloppy on the work of sunscreen.
Posted on Sep-13-2011

343 Do You Know How to Apply Facial Masks Correctly
At the night before attending big party, dating, or other important occasions, many girls choose to use facial masks to take good care of their skins. But do they really know the correct steps of applying facial masks? Here, I will give you a brief introduction.
Posted on Aug-24-2011

403 Tricks for Women to Delay Aging and Look Younger
Delaying aging is the forever topic of women. Although it is the natural rule to get old, we could try to slow its pace. Here I would tech you some tips to keep younger.
Posted on Aug-24-2011

376 What Are the Most Vicious Lies about Whitening Skins
When the fake products flood in the skin care products market, many consumers have bought dangerous fake skin care products and cause certain effect on health. In order to protect people from those misleading concepts, I will clarify several mistakes people would often have in whitening skins.
Posted on Aug-15-2011

364 Using Fresh Fruits or Vegetables to Apply on Skins Is Useless
When we watch films or televisions, we could often see actresses use cucumber and lemon slices to stick on the face to achieve the effect of beautifying skins. However, it is only the wishful thinking. This kind of thinking is absolutely wrong.
Posted on Aug-11-2011

348 How to Whiten Your Skins after Sunburn in Summer Holiday
Recently, a lot of friends go to have beach vacation trip, but they are very concerned about how to return white after sunburn. Many people like to lie on the sand and enjoy the sunshine; however, when they come back, they find their skins have various symptoms of allergy or sunburn. Here I will tell you how to return white from black.
Posted on Jul-28-2011

491 How to Keep the Makeup Endurable and Fresh in Summer
In summer, with the rising of temperature, the skin oil secretion becomes more and more serious. The delicate makeup is easy to fall off because of the oil and sweat. So, it is necessary to know how to keep your makeup endurable and fresh.
Posted on Jun-08-2011

485 How to Solve Skin Problem of Large Pores
Excessive skin oil secretion, stratum corneum accumulation and bad living habits are likely to result in large skin pores. If we want to own perfect skins, we should solve problems of large pores. The followings are private methods to share with you:
Posted on Jun-08-2011

723 How to Use Fresh Leaves of Aloes to Cure Your Wound
As we all know, aloe has special functions on beauty and wound treatment. But do you know how to use fresh leaves of aloe? Here are some common ways you can use in daily life:
Posted on May-12-2011