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how to create a racing game

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In the last and longest section, we dive more deeply into the actual code that makes the car drive.

The aim of this tutorial is to show you how to create a racing game with Unity. We are going to Assemble a car from a 3d model, scripts and Components. We provide you with a complete project Of a driving game, where you can play with a finished scene and explore how everything is put together. We also provide you with a scene that has everything ready but the car, which you will then Work on completing.
We will show
Let us begin by talking about what this tutorial will deal with. It is divided into three distinct sections that can work on independently of each other:

1. Assembling the Car
How to assemble a Car Prefab from a 3D model, scripts and components. This is the section you are Reading right now.

2. Tweaking the Car
How to tweak the car to behave “better” or in different ways.

3. under the Hood
A more in-depth look at the actual code that drives the car.

The tutorial is not intended as an entry point to learning Unity. You should have a basic understanding of how Unity is organized, what a Game Object is, what Components are and so on. Some3“The Car Tutorial”― Creating a Racing Game for Unity,

Part 1

proficiency in scripting is also recommended. This being said, we will explain a lot of stuff along the way, basic and advanced.

We will not show All the other scripts.

The User Manual and the Scripting Reference are valuable companions as you follow along this Tutorial. We suggest that you visit these resources whenever you encounter a built in Component or function that you would like to know more about.

The approach taken at first is that of code monkey see, code monkey do you follow the instructions we give about putting a car together and changing its variables. I hope that you will be curious about how it works, learn something from seeing how everything is put together and do some Investigation on your own. Feel free to explore.

In the last and longest section, we dive more deeply into the actual code that makes the car drive.

This is not a line-by-line walkthrough, but we will cover most of what is going on. One way to learn Programming or improve one’s skills is to look at a lot of code (supplemented by doing a lot of Programming). We are certain that you will learn a lot from following this closely and getting an Understanding of how the code works together.

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