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It is a common sense that there are four seasons in a year. And amongst them, I am looking forward to winter most. As I have protection from Asics shoes. Wish everybody will take pleasure in the winter.
There are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Two wholly different leaves are not existed in the globe therefore all seasons have special features. I am fond of the energy that spring presents, I am fond of the enthusiasm that summer shows, I am fond of the harvest that autumn presents, I am fond of the heavy snow that winter presents.

If you are also fond of winter, then you should have some extraordinary feelings about it. If yes, then you must have enjoyed the fun of winter. Would you like to share your story that happened in winter together with us? Take it easy and now it is my turn to tell you my opinions about it. I was born in winter but there is no snow in my birthplace so it is a pity that I have not seen snow until now. Although I have not seen snow in reality I still have the chance to take a close look at it in the TV play or movies. The temperature in winter is definitely low and which always makes me wear a lot of thick and heavy coats. And every time I would stay inside the house. When I saw others playing outside I would be very envious of them. And one day I asked one of my close friends why he's agreeable to play outside instead of staying in the house. He told me that his top secret was the Asics shoes which offered him comfort and warmth. I was amazed immediately. And I asked my mom to purchase a pair for me since I wanted to play with my friends and neighbors. However, my mom told me that she was unable to afford it due to the poor condition of my family. I did not complain but sad. And one day my mom told me that she would like to give me a gift and I was curious about it and yes, it was Asics shoes. I was so excited and thanked my mom. After calming down, I asked my mom about its price. She told me that she purchased it from the online shops since she got to know that the goods online were also high-quality and above all, they were cheaper shopping online and one day she noticed that the price on the online stores was lower than the specialty stores. My mom saved money for quite a long time and bought one pair for me at last. I was moved for my mom's love for me.

At this moment with Asics shoes which I have wear for a lot of years, I can also play outside in the winter days with my friends. I am thankful for my mom and families since with their efforts I finally make my dream come true. And making a snowman in Asics shoes in winter in some places with heavy snow has become my dream. I am now not afraid of low temperatures as Asics shoes help me a lot and with the encouragement from my mom, I am now more enthusiastic than before. It is a short time for winter days and I take pleasure in it and cherish it very much. As a matter of fact that winter is my beloved season to some extent and that possibly will owe to the protection of Asics shoes and also the fun with my friends. Wish everyone will take pleasure in the winter.

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Asics australia help me a lot in winter days. Onitsuka tiger kanuchi gives me wonderful protections and allows me to enjoy low temperatures.

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