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Your Clients Are Your Friends

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More direct approach has better results, but it will cost you much more effort, if not money, so you need to be prepared for additional spending and some overtime.
As a business owner you can’t just sit in your office or store and wait for people to come in or call you asking what you can do for them. You have to be the one that lets everybody know why they should use your services and you can’t do that without proper means of communication. So what should you communicate, to whom and how?

Advertising on billboards, radio and in local papers is obviously the least direct and most general way to communicate to potential clients that you have a sale on your products or services, as well as when and where the promotion will take place. You make yourself known to people who don’t know your business and remind old customers you’re still there, but by addressing everybody, you’re not really addressing anybody and you spend money on advertising that may not bring as much feedback as you would expect.

More direct approach has better results, but it will cost you much more effort, if not money, so you need to be prepared for additional spending and some overtime. The least invasive of direct contact is mailing. Companies send out pamphlets, special offers and invitations to different events knowing, that chances of someone coming in if they hold a paper with information in their hand is much bigger than if they only drive by a poster on their way to work. You can send out your offer to people in specific neighborhoods if you run a local business like a computer repair Miami shop, or you can go for businesses if you for example offer office cleaning in San Francisco.

Traditional mail is great to bring in new customers, but for your regulars e-mail is a better option. Have a registry of your customers who would like to be on your mailing list and offer them special deals via e-mail. Send them early notifications on sales and promotions, hold special events just for them, and not necessarily just sales but for example a tasting of new cheeses you’ll carry at your store or interesting class on how to best use a graphics tablet or digital camera you carry. When your clients find out there are special events just for them, they’ll give you their e-mail addresses and permission to mail them information about other events, those wildly available, as well.

Sending out information about sales and promotions is important, but it’s also important to treat your customers more personally. An individual approach creates a stronger bond, and if you surprise a customer with birthday or holiday wishes, they will definitely mention it to family and friends, who in turn will at least check out your business online or at your location. By then all you’ll have to do is make a good, friendly impression for them to become a client, leave you their e-mail address to become a member of the newsletter and the recipient of special occasion wishes, and in fact a living and walking ad for your business as they will let everybody know not only what a great job you do but also how friendly you are.

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