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Why Rouse Hill Properties are Designed to Grow

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Rouse Hill is one of the Sydney suburbs that is quickly becoming a go-to spot for families to work, rest, and play, with a mix of country-lifestyle and urban living.
Rouse Hill is one of the Sydney suburbs that is quickly becoming a go-to spot for families to work, rest, and play, with a mix of country-lifestyle and urban living.

Rouse Hill, located north-west of Sydney's Central Business District and Parramatta, is steeped in history, brimming with green space, and exudes a laid-back picturesque country vibe. However, recent changes in transportation and a surge in urban development are putting this suburb on the map. Previously a beautiful green pasture land region, house and land packages Rouse Hill development now boasts a lovely, country-style suburb, with horses and cows on large stretches of land, ideal for families looking for a quiet, rural location to raise their children.

It is known for its strong sense of community and for being a family-friendly neighborhood where kids ride their bikes down the street and dogs walk in the many parks. However, it also has a growing cosmopolitan population that attracts people from all walks of life.

Rouse Hill house and land release is destined for growth due to its high quality of life and future potential. With inner Sydney property prices showing no signs of slowing, it's no surprise that demand for property in Rouse Hill is significant.

According to data gathered by an economist on real estates, interest in units in the area was especially strong, with increase in views per listing year on year and the interest in Rouse Hill land for sale is on the rise. Property views are at their highest in four years, so there is definitely a growth in this suburb. Sydney is expected to increase by an average of 15-16% percent by the end of 2021. Within the same time frame, areas such as Rouse Hill and Dural could see a 20-25% percent increase.

Everything is also within easy reach in terms of necessities. Rouse Hill is the community's beating heart. It is close to everything and features more than 200 specialty shops, as well as a supermarket, cinemas, a community center, library, medical center, and a children's play area.

Again, Rouse Hill has a rich history dating back to the early settlers and sandstones in rows in an unusual oval in Rouse Hill Cemetery on Aberdour Avenue. Family names that have been named as suburbs and landmarks throughout the area since the 1870s, when Robert Rouse donated land. There are numerous points of interest for newcomers to the area to enjoy.

So for years, for many people, waking up every day in the ideal family community is a pipe dream. With new affordable housing options available in the heart of Rouse Hill, achieving this goal is becoming easier. Check out listings and reviews online can help you decide your dream home or find a real estate agent that can guide you all throughout the process.

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