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Why Renting a Hens Party House is a Better Option?

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Planning a hens night is one of the exciting pre-wedding tasks and can be great fun.
Planning a hens night is one of the exciting pre-wedding tasks and can be great fun. But no one really enjoys spending huge money on a crappy hotel that has some strict regulations when it comes to a hens party and doesn’t allow you to use your hens party decorations or other supplies. So, finding a place where you can spend a weekend away with choices to relax is crucial. Why not gather the girls together at a rental house for a relaxing, long weekend without any pre-defined rules and regulations? Whether it’s a luxury condo or a farmhouse, there are huge benefits of renting a hens party home.

Save Money

Let’s be frank! Hosting a luxury hens party is expensive, especially when it comes to accommodation and meals out. Booking a rental house for your hens party saves a considerable amount of costs, as the cost of booking a rental house is less compared to a luxury hotel room. Moreover, having a kitchen at your disposal cut your costs for expensive meals outside.

Brings Everyone Together

The ultimate goal of a hens party is to enjoy the last night of freedom of the bride-to-be with her friends. When you make hotel bookings as a large group, you will get rooms scattered across different floors. Sometimes, you have to book rooms in different hotels. But, when you choose to rent a hens party home, you are not restricted to a single room. You have plenty of space to hang out with your friends and enjoy quality time together, whether in the dining room, living room, or outdoor space.


Renting a hens party home provides you with the privacy and amenities of your home, which the hotels don’t offer. You can kick back and relax with a sense of adventure of being in a new place.

Stick to Your Own Schedule

Unlike hotels, you don’t have to deal with the stress of booking dinner on time for your group of girls. You can create your own schedule for the day and don’t have to stick to any pre-defined rules. Moreover, you can add cheap hens party supplies and decorations to make the place look more fun and entertaining.

Party Games

Your hens party home is the perfect place to play some cheeky hens games than getting cooped up in a hotel room. Moreover, you will have more space to try different hens party games without worrying about the prying eyes of strangers. You can laugh out loud, throw some funny jokes, jump, and run in your rental home to experience some real fun that would be otherwise impossible in a hotel room.

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