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When You're Approved, American Express Discounts Await You

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Are you in need of a credit card? Fill out an American Express application now. Once you've been approved, this can be used to make charges and purchases just about anywhere.
Have you ever heard the saying, "don't leave home without it?" That is the motto of American Express. This credit card is one of the longstanding pillars of the credit industry and one of the most difficult companies to get an account with. Once you're in, however, consider yourself in good company. There are several rewards that come with owning one. Seriously consider these factors when submitting an American Express application.

Some examples are your current credit score, credit history, employment status, and current loans. While these variables weigh differently, they all contribute to the chance of getting accepted.

Credit score

Before giving in your American Express application, you will need a good credit score. Like the majority of other credit businesses, AMEX values this score a lot. The FICO score is the frequently used scoring system. Created by the Fair Isaac Corporation, the scores range between 300-850. The average person will receive a rating of 600 to 700. Something higher is considered better. A score of 750 is known as a sign of good financial health. A score that is below 600 is a risk for any creditor and definitely will merit you higher rates or outright denial.

Credit history

American Express will check your credit history before making a decision. This refers to your current score as this shows you are a trustworthy and responsible individual who pays his or her debts on time. Bad credit history is a definite no-no. You'll get less chances of getting your American Express application accepted.

Employment status

Getting an AMEX charge card would depend on your status. Are you working? Are you studying? Students who do have the go ahead will have a lower credit limit. It is always preferable to be employed. Working means you'll get a higher credit limit.

Existence of current loans

Paying off a mortgage will adversely affect your chances of approval. This is particularly true if you just had a property repossessed. What this tells is poor financial health and can hinder the chances of you becoming a cardholder.

Different discounts available

People that go for this card are looking for the American Express discounts and other perks. For instance the Business JetBlue from American Express. This card is a joint venture between JetBlue Airlines and AmEx. It's handy for frequent JetBlue fliers who wish to earn rewards, which are compatible with their current TrueBlue points.

Business JetBlue from American Express offers 5% discounts on any JetBlue flight along with other reward program savings and points. For every dollar you would spend, you receive award dollars. You may also earn double award dollars at concerts, golf courses, restaurants, movie theatres as well as other fun venues. For each dollar spent on JetBlue flights, car rentals, wireless phone charges, gas, office supplies and equipment, you will definately get two award dollars.

Another card is the Nest credit card. Created for newlyweds, this provides various American Express discounts along with home-related savings and gifts offers. As a Nest cardholder, you can even avail of offers, including reductions from participating partners and special travel offers given by American Express Vacations.

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