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What to Look For In a New Car Battery?

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Nothing is as frustrating and annoying as a car that won’t start. You turn the key, and there’s no response.
Nothing is as frustrating and annoying as a car that won’t start. You turn the key, and there’s no response. When your car won’t start, and you are left stranded with a dead engine, you’ll feel helpless and overwhelmed. Probably the bad battery could be the reason. However, a car won’t start all of a sudden. It would have shown some warning signs which you might have ignored or left unnoticed. However, this is the time that most drivers find themselves looking for the best car battery prices.

You’ll probably need to replace the battery at some point during your car’s life. So, it’s important to monitor the health of your battery for its optimal performance. Each model is different, and each vehicle requires a different type of car battery. When you are looking for wholesale car batteries, make sure to consider these factors to make the most of your purchase:-


This is one of the significant factors you need to consider when looking for a new car battery. Consider the warranty and choose a battery that has a long period of free replacement. Warranties are measured by the free replacement period and the prorated period. The prorated period allows for partial replacement of the battery for a certain period of time.


Generally, car batteries are divided into several group sizes, indicating the width, length, and height of the battery. The size of the battery your car needs could be found in the user manual, or you could consult with your car mechanic to choose the right size battery. Make sure to find the right size so that it fits into the car perfectly.


The capacity of the battery is a major element that needs to be factored in when looking for the best price on car batteries. Reverse capacity represents the amount of time that the battery can run on its own power without the engine discharge. A high reverse capacity helps the vehicle to run seamlessly in difficult situations like non-compliant engine, alternator failure and leaving the lights on accidently.


There are two different types of batteries, including low maintenance and maintenance-free types. While the maintenance-free type and can run throughout its life without the need for replacement, low maintenance batteries might require to replace once in every five years or depending on the use and wear and tear.

Before a buying battery, it’s important to consider these factors to make the most of your purchase. Get the quote and compare the prices to choose the right one that suits your needs and budget.

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