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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need For My House?

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You can use this handy-dandy guide to figure out exactly how much cooling power your home needs.
It can be difficult to know what size air conditioning unit you need for your house, especially if it’s your first time buying one. For some reason, the size of an AC seems like the most confusing thing in the world to calculate, but once you figure out how it works, you’ll realise that it’s not as complicated as you may have thought. You can use this handy-dandy guide to figure out exactly how much cooling power your home needs.

Why Is Determining the Right Size Ac Important?

Determining the right size air conditioning Sydney unit for your home is an important step to keeping your home cool and comfortable. If you have ever walked into a room that feels way too hot, even though you know there's no reason it should be that hot, then chances are it might be because you don't have the right size air conditioner in your house.

Tips for Finding the Right Size AC for Your Space

Find out How Many BTUs You’ll Need per Square Foot

The first step in finding out what size air conditioner you need is to calculate how many BTUs you'll need per square foot. This will tell you how much power your unit will need and the approximate size of the air conditioner to buy. The unit size you need will depend on the size of your home. If you live in a small house, then a 10,000 BTU unit is enough to cool the space. But if you live in a two story, 2,000 square foot home with two zones (a living room and a kitchen) then an 18,000 BTU unit may be best.

Position of the Room

The location of your aircon installation Sydney and the size of your house both play a significant role in deciding what size cooling unit you should have. The first step is to determine where you are going to be using the air conditioner most often.

Determine the Type of Air Conditioner

There are three main types of air conditioners: window, wall-mounted and through-the-wall. Window units are the cheapest and easiest to install but they can only cool one room at a time. Wall units are more expensive but can cool an entire home. Through-the-wall models take up less space than window units, but they're more expensive than both kinds of wall units because you need to hire a professional to install them.

Get Help from Aircon Installation Experts

As it turns out, there's a lot to consider when you're figuring out what size air conditioning Sydney system is right for your home. It's recommended to seek the assistance from aircon installation experts to help you determine the right size AC for your space.

If you are not sure about what size of air conditioner would work best in your house or office, it might be time to schedule an appointment with an installation specialist. They can do all the research and determine the perfect sized cooling unit for your living or working environment.

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