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What Does a Typical Hens Party for an Aussie Bride Involve?

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A hens party? It’s not a bunch of Bambi-like bucks and funky little lady chickens boogying away at a party.
A hens party? It’s not a bunch of Bambi-like bucks and funky little lady chickens boogying away at a party. A hens night is a fun way to have a party and spend time with a friend who is about to get married. In Australia, it’s something of a tradition for the bride to be to celebrate the end of her single life with a hens or bachelorette party. Usually, the maid of honour will help with planning the hens party for the bride, and nowadays, the bride can also plan her own hens night.

During a hens party, there is always something for everyone to do together and some of them will travel to get to where the festivities will be held. So, here we have listed a few ideas on how a typical hens night looks like.

Road Trip and Pampering

The ladies will plan a weekend away to relax on a beach or get pampered at a day spa and indulge in getting manicures, pedicures, facials, hair styling, massages and more.


For a hens party, the ladies will often choose a costume theme or party theme and go out for clubbing. Most of the times, the bride-to-be and the guests or the friends accompanying her are found wearing a tiara and sash to celebrate the last night of her bachelorette life.

House Party

Some brides prefer to plan their hens night at the comfort of their home without indulging in any outdoor activities the night before. Yes, not all brides-to-be want to go out bar hopping with their friends for their hens night; a fun night at home with the girls can be a great way to help a bride-to-be celebrate her upcoming nuptials. If you are one among them, here are a few tips to organise a hens party at-home.

- Choose the right supplies to make your hens party a great hit. Replace your normal plates and cups with some pecker trays for all of your snacks with matching pink plates, cups and straws to make the ambience of the party a little less formal.

- The right decorations can take every hens party from drab to fabulous, so look for party banners, photo booth props, and even umbrella straws for your drinks.

- Hens night games are the exciting part of any hens night that can make your particular party stand out from other birthday parties that you may have been to in the past.

Some of the other typical party events include limo, harbour cruise, wineries, and more. Gone are the days of boring parties. With the right decorations, supplies, and hens night games you can give your friend or yourself a night that she or you will never forget!

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