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What Affects The Cost Of Buying Land In Sydney?

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People normally go by word of mouth and ask around, but sometimes that still won’t be enough to get a clear picture of what the costs will really be like.
If you’re planning to buy land in Sydney, one of the first things that comes to mind would probably be how much it would cost. People normally go by word of mouth and ask around, but sometimes that still won’t be enough to get a clear picture of what the costs will really be like. Here are the major factors that affect the cost of new home and land packages Sydney and can help you narrow down your estimate on what this will really cost you, depending on your location and type of property you’re interested in buying.


When it comes to land packages in Sydney, location is king. Factors such as proximity to employment hubs and public transport links can drive up your purchase price. You may also have to pay a premium for being close to entertainment or shopping districts, or being in an area popular with families or retirees. Think about how much you’re willing to spend on these extras when making your offer.


The bigger, and more valuable, your property is, the more you will pay. Factors like views, location and proximity to amenities may also impact its value. Bigger isn’t always better though. The smaller your block of land is, or if it is particularly hard to build on (i.e. a big hill), then it might not be worth as much money.


One of the biggest considerations is access to transport, with an existing road needed to transport both materials and machinery required to develop a block. It’s no good having a huge block but not being able to reach it due to poor access. Make sure there’s an existing road (or a plan in place for one) before committing yourself. If your purchase doesn’t come with any roads, consider whether you can join up with neighbours or if you can be provided by council at little or no cost.

Land Title

The cost of purchasing a title deed (basically, official ownership) to your property varies depending on where you live, who your conveyancer is and which state you’re located. Always ask for quotes from several different conveyancers before signing anything – remember, once it’s signed, it’s final!

Additional Costs

Other costs often associated with purchasing home land package Sydney include legal fees, taxes and agent commissions. You’ll also need to take care of stamp duty, as well as pay for any renovations you’re planning. These costs can quickly add up, so make sure you do your research before making an offer on a piece of real estate. If there are other expenses involved (e.g., a home loan), these will need to be taken into account when working out how much your property will actually cost you per month.

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