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Volunteer and make a difference in your community

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You may not be on covers of magazines and your bank account may be in moderate numbers, but you can still help others by getting involved.
We often read or hear about celebrities helping out a charity, lending their image to raise awareness for a worthy cause or advertising a better lifestyle by living it themselves. Stars are in the public eye so they ca influence great numbers of people taking part in a telethon or a public service announcement, but it doesn’t mean they are the only ones that can make a difference. You may not be on covers of magazines and your bank account may be in moderate numbers, but you can still help others by getting involved.

If you can’t offer financial help to any cause, you can still make a great donation by giving your time. Depending on your physical and mental strength, you may volunteer at a soup kitchen, a local hospice or animal shelter. Most places helping people and animals are understaffed, so your presence will be much appreciated by other volunteers, and you’ll make a difference in a life of somebody less fortunate.

Trained professionals or those willing to undergo training may consider joining a help line. Most communities have centers anonymously helping addicts, suicide callers, abuse victims. It’s only for people emotionally strong and trained to deal with crisis situations, but since money is scarce, these centers rely on volunteers to man the lines and only have a few employees with degrees in psychology or crisis management who are there to guide the volunteers if need be.

Since money is an issue in most places that are trying to help, you may want to try your hand in fundraising. Calling up local businesses, appearing on local radio, posting appeals at hot spots and addressing the community in front of a webcam are all ways of getting funding from people who wish to help but can’t find the time to do it personally, or maybe realize that money can do a lot of good if given towards the right cause. If you believe in a charity and have a strong voice, let it be heard.

Actors, singers or writers use their talents to help, and so can you. Maybe you’re a master baker, or you carve beautiful animals in driftwood. Whatever your skills are, you can make use of them to help out in different ways. On one hand you can organize an auction and have all the proceeds go towards a cause; on the other hand you can share your skills with terminal patients, kids from underprivileged neighborhoods or addicts fighting to get back on their feet. This kind of group activity lets the participants learn something new and makes them forget about heir problems, if only for a moment.

Whether you read biographies to the elderly, show kids to take apart and put back together fixed gear bikes to keep them off the streets, answer the phones and listen to somebody’s marital problems or take part in date auction to raise funds for a cause, you should join in an effort to help out those less fortunate in your community, because that’s how you can improve it. One person can make a difference, especially if joined by another, and another.

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