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Types of Online Bingo Games

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The growing popularity of online bingo in UK lead to enormous increase in the number new bingo sites in the net pool.
The growing popularity of online bingo in UK lead to enormous increase in the number new bingo sites in the net pool. Those who are already into the game know everything about the game, but for the novice players, there is some basic information about the game in this article. Usually, all the sites offer the same type of games with minor twists. Here, is an overview of some basic types of bingo games.

Regular Bingo - Regular bingo offer multiple chances of winning the game. So, if the player is playing a regular bingo game on one of the many free bingo sites, he need to either get five numbers in a row either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. If the player gets any of these three types before any other player, he wins the jackpot.

Cross - The second type of bingo game is Cross. As the name suggests, the player will need to literally make a cross on the bingo card. When all the numbers from the extreme left corner of the card to the extreme right bottom gets crossed, the player wins the game. The same is applicable to the extreme right upper corner and extreme left bottom corner too.

Four Corners - Another type of bingo is the Four Corners. Four corners gives the player an opportunity to win when all the four corners on the bingo card gets filled. This one is a very fast online bingo game.

Cover All - Cover All is the most known and a very simple online bingo game. The player needs to cover all the numbers on his bingo card for winning the game. So, the idea is to fill your bingo card completely. With so many numbers to be called, Cover All is the longest bingo game.

These are some of the basic bingo game types that are commonly seen on the internet. The variations in the game help bingo sites in retaining the player’s interest in the game and their site. It is a game of sheer luck and has nothing to do with the choice of cards, kind of game and bingo site chosen by the player. Unlimited fun is guaranteed no matter which bingo sites are chosen by the player and which game he opts to play.

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