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Top Christmas Gifts You Can’t Miss for 2011

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With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, many of you might go into a major panic of preparing 2011 Christmas presents for family and friends. Do you have some unique Christmas gift ideas? Giving practical and unique Christmas gifts will definitely bring them a memorable Christmas. However, finding Christmas presents that fit best is a big challenge, for you have to take everything into consideration.
With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, many of you might go into a major panic of preparing 2011 Christmas presents for family and friends. Do you have some unique Christmas gift ideas? Giving practical and unique Christmas gifts will definitely bring them a memorable Christmas. However, finding Christmas presents that fit best is a big challenge, for you have to take everything into consideration. You should think about what activities your family members or friends like to do and what they really need.

To save you time, I’ve made a list of 2011 top Christmas gifts for your children, mates and parents this year. These are electronic or digital gifts based on the newest technology. You can shop for these 2011 top Christmas gifts online without fighting the mall crowds. Just make a secure payment and the gifts will be shipped right to your home. So, if you are still struggling with what to buy, just check out this list and have fun shopping!

Gifts for children

1. Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire is a good alternative to iPad 2, selling for just $199. It is a good choice of cheaper yet versatile Christmas gift. Kindle Fire features a stunning touch screen with vibrant colors and high battery life. It is ideal for reading books and watching movies or TV shows, etc. This is one of the unique Christmas presents 2011. He or she will enjoy the reading affairs anywhere and anytime without having to bring clunky books.

2. Kinect For Xbox 360

Kinect for Xbox 360 is a long awaited addition to the Xbox 360 system. This is another 2011 top Christmas gifts for kids pricing at $149.99. It uses a sensor to track body movements and control what’s happening on the screen. Unlike traditional handheld video game consoles, the Kinect forces kids to move around so they are having a blast while exercising. Moreover, Kinect uses advanced entertainment technology to respond to the sound of your voice. With it, kids are able to control HD movies with their voice.

3. Leapfrog LeapPad Learning Tablet

Leapfrog LeapPad is a learning tablet for kids age 4 through 9, and the Amazon price is $209. This tablet will give your kids access to more than 100 educational books, games, videos and apps. Leap Pad includes subjects like mathematics, reading and science, which are covered in a fun and interactive way. In advance, the LeapPad's built-in camera can shoot video and allow kids to make animation and art to share with family and friends. Buying your kids this great learning toy can yet be regarded as a unique Christmas gift idea.

4. Hot Wheels Video Racer

Video Racer is a real Hot Wheels vehicle with a hidden micro camera. It allows kids to race on any Hot Wheels track while filming from the "driver's" point of view. The built-in LCD screen on the undercarriage displays instant playback. The better thing is that Videos can be edited online to share with friends. Furthermore, The Video Racer's video camera can record up to 12 minutes of video at 30 frames per second. This Hot Wheels car is just about $50. If your kid finds this unique Christmas gift among the gifts under the Christmas tree, I am sure he or she will give you a grateful kiss.

Gifts for Mates

5. Christmas Song Converter

Songs, carols and music are indispensable for Christmas. People download their favorite Christmas songs online and enjoy them with cell phones like iPhone or other devices. However, they may find some loved Christmas songs are occasionally incompatible. Then a video converter will make a big difference. It is pretty cheap just $24.95. Moreover, this video converter can also convert movies on 200+ devices with high quality. Accordingly, choose this software as a unique Christmas gift for your spouse or friends, and let her or him enjoy music or movies anywhere and anytime. By the way, this tool also has a free one that you can download and have a try without any limitations.

6. DXG-125V High-Definition Video Camera

Camera is one of 2011 top Christmas gifts this year. People prefer to take pictures or videos of their families, kids, vacations and more. This DXG 720p HD camcorder can record movies and capture moments no matter you’re in the snow, sailing the seas or simply cruising city streets. You can also take still pictures, play MP3 songs, etc. This camcorder is small, portable and fits just about anywhere with price of $ 140. So it’s one of Christmas presents 2011 for memorizing outdoor activities. Without doubt, this DXG-125V high-definition camcorder is a good Christmas gift for your mate. He or she can use it to make the family Christmas movie for memory.

7. Christmas Video DVD Maker

Many families would shot family videos or Christmas vacation videos to share with friends or family members later on. To watch these videos of happy moments on TV is a good choice. Sothink Movie DVD Maker is the fastest way to convert video to DVD and burn DVD up to 1080p of any type from all your memorable video formats with the price of $ 34.95. What’s more, this DVD movie maker can create DVD menu from dozens of stylish templates. With it, you are able to make DVD chapters, trim video clips, add external subtitles and do more DVD customizations. So, sending this DVD creator to your loved mates will definitely make them smile on this Christmas holiday.

8. Apple iPad 2

iPad 2 is probably on many 2011 top Christmas gifts list. It comes with so many apps available for users to surf the Internet, watch movies, play games, view photos, etc. iPad also features incredible applications like Mail, Calendar, Notes and Safari in a beautiful, thin and light design. With easy and secure integration into business environments as well as a robust platform for app development, iPad is ready to start working anywhere. iPad 2 sells at $499, a bit more expensive. But if you are considering buying a relatively helpful gift for your husband or wife, iPad 2 will surely make him or her very happy on Christmas morning.

Gifts for Parents

9. Garmin Fish Finder

If your father likes fishing and has a boat, a Garmin fish finder would be a great and unique Christmas gift. It is versatile and affordable. Garmin fish finder is literally his eyes in the water, which will help to know exactly where the fish are hanging out so he can catch the big one. With this gift, he will get many hours of enjoyment outside on the lake or ocean while looking for those elusive fishes. The price of a Garmin fish finder 300C is $241.10 on Amazon. Go and get one for your loved father, giving him an indelible happy memory of Christmas holiday.

10. Samsung LN46C630 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Parents have devoted so much for us, and we should take every chance to do something for them, especially on this Christmas holiday season. Samsung LN46C630 120 Hz LCD HDTV is another 2011 top Christmas gifts for parents. The Amazon price is $987. The screen size of this top selling flat screen TV is 46 inches. It has a full 1080p HD resolution with vivid colors and stunning clarity. Moreover, the user-friendly interface allows access to videos, music playlists and pictures via the remote. Make this truly remarkable HDTV a gift for Parents this Christmas, and let mom and daddy enjoy the TV watching with powerful picture quality and vivid colors.

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