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Timely Adjustment of Flame in Rotary Kilns

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Presently, the three-duct burner or even the four-duct burner is in general used to pre-analytical rotary kilns .
Presently, the three-duct burner or even the four-duct burner is in general used to pre-analytical rotary kilns . The form of flame is adjusted via reasonably matching the indraft wind together with the outdraft wind. In case the flame needs to be shortened in order to focus large temperature, or if the pace of burning is very gradual by virtue of low-quality coal, one could enhance the indraft wind and reduce the outdraft wind. But when the temperature about the floor of kiln is high hence of high-quality coal or significantly too skinny coating of kiln, one should enhance the outdraft wind and reduce the indraft wind to be able to lengthen the flame. Nonetheless, the extreme intensity with the outdraft wind will generate overlong floating rotary kilnscoating which happens to be prone to coagulation and curling. For this, simultaneously, the temperature powering the kiln will be unduly large. The flame is going to be thick however quick along with scattered while in the function of the excessive intensity of the indraft wind. In such case, not just will the kiln coating be burned, but also the clinker with coarse nodule and yellow-zone clinker will emerge in pressure under the violent burning from the flame best.

In the useful operation, the coiled gum which is made by way of becoming burning might grow to be long when being lifting, and can not be turned more than flexibly and will even become cake-shape substance sometimes. These head over to prove the actual fact which the temperature inside the kiln is too large. In the meanwhile, 1 must properly increase the offer of coal and diminish the indraft wind and intensify the outdraft wind to produce the flame longer and mitigate the higher heat within the kiln.

If the size of the material is lower when being lifting and goes down together the fire-resistant bricks, the fabric just isn't adaptable although staying released with small particle along with the fCaO of clinker is large, the temperature of kiln must remain very low. In such case, a lot more number of coal must be provided towards the kiln. Simultaneously, to enhance the indraft and to lessen the outdraft wind is much needed to shorten the flame. Then a single really should comparatively concentrate the burning zone and boost temperature of the burning zone in order to make the clinker nodule typical.

If it can be identified the neighborhood temperature of the kiln of the burning zone is unduly substantial or kiln coating will come off in large quantity, the burning temperature is unstable and the flame is shapeless, as well as the launch of flame washes out kiln coating and fire bricks. At the moment, decrease or near the indraft wind along with the offer of coal and raise the outdraft wind to lengthen the flame and alter the lighting location and provide the newest kiln coating soon after moving coal injection pipe as a way to recuperate the burning issue.

In a phrase, one particular should regularly examine and adjust the temperature and shape of flame in the kiln with a view to satisfy the sensible need of production and prolonging the life of the kiln.

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