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Theme Party for Grownups

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As an adult you may not necessarily feel like dressing up on occasions other than Halloween, if at all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a theme spin on a party you’re throwing.
Children love theme parties, but with age the need and desire to dress up, play and eat food shaped like animals, for example, somehow disappears. When you think of different parties, though, the ones you went to dressed up as a ninja, a princess or a thief are among the ones you had the most fun at. Now as an adult you may not necessarily feel like dressing up on occasions other than Halloween, if at all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a theme spin on a party you’re throwing.

Decorating the room, sticking to particular music, having food that goes with the theme either because of flavor or maybe shape, not to mention the way it’s served, are easy to do and change just another party into something more fun, more interesting, something with more personality behind it. All you have to do is come up with the subject appropriate for the occasion and get planning.

If you don’t have any ideas, go simple, even if it turns out predictable. For a web design company’s first anniversary computers are a great subject, law school graduates definitely mix well with courtroom theme, and you can’t go wrong with a house oriented welcome home party. It’s not about your theme being extremely innovative or extravagant; it’s about it being thoughtful and appropriate, pleasant and sweet.

Once you have the theme in mind, it’s all about the details. Since it’s not a dress up party, you don’t have to worry about the guests not wanting to come in costumes, all you worry about is the music, the décor ad the food. Whether you take care of everything yourself or get help from a dj or a caterer, let your imagination run wild with the main theme being the only thing that limits you in any way.

Food is the simplest thing to customize, as you can have cookies shaped and decorated like mini mouse, cake resembling a book or cupcakes pretending to be just about anything. You can cut sandwiches in specific shapes, decorate sweets any way you want and name drinks different names like Justice League Shake or a Website Blurry. Look for inspiration online and around you, taking items of everyday use and coming up with ways to turn them into food.

Decorating the place is also easy, as all you really need are some pictures and cutouts, with an occasional solid item like a judge’s robe, Lady Justice with her scale or different gadgets like household items or old computer parts here and there. It’s not about spending a fortune on professional decoration for a one-time party, but about being creative and having some fun with everyday things you have an easy access to.

As for the music, try finding some songs that have lyrics mentioning your theme, but don’t feel restricted by that. Go with different TV shows and their main theme songs, think of games, movies and feelings and you’re sure to find appropriate music. And above all remember, that it’s not the food, decorations or the music that make a party but the people that are invited, so sell them on your theme and you’ll see they’ll keep it alive for the whole event.

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