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The Way Basketball Has Experienced in China

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From its introduction to the development, basketball and China have shaped a profound union. Facing the uneasy situation in China, basketball movement should be taken meticulous consideration.
The basketball activity was first introduced in China in 1895. Throughout the course of about 110 years, basketball activity had had a well blend with Chinese culture. Basketball has done huge benefits to Chinese people, like the promotion of physical condition and the improvement of sports career. It is a common sense for all of us that America is the place of origin for the basketball. So its improvement in the United States is wholly different from that in China. The special background in China has significant effect on the introduction and advance of basketball activity. The following is the concise telling of its history in China.

In 1840, the Opium War was triggered by the Great Britan. Chinese time-honored culture was under excessive crash and invasion from the compelling western culture. It was just under the situation that the modern sports was brought in China. In 1895, the basketball activity was brought in the rail of Chinese sports by an American preacher. And since then, the activity has begun its journey in China. Generally speaking, the trip can be divided into five stages.

The cycle of enlightenment and promotion lasting from 1895 to 1927, was the very beginning period. Although Tianjin was its first landing place, lots of other districts had also begun the movement, like the middle of China, the north of China, the east of China and so on. And the basketball activity even had appeared amongst all types of sports in National Sports, which had its appearance for three times. In spite of its development in China, it was still firmly controlled by the American.

In the second phase China had begun its self development in the basketball movement. The right of autonomy in sports had been returned to China when the Kuomintang had came into power. The stage of prosperity had fallen onto the Chinese basketball movement when the Anti-Japanese War had finished. Shanghai especially was enthusiastic in the province. At this time, we were independent in sports. And there were large assembly of men of talents.

In the third stage, Chinese sports had come across a half-closed and self-developing period. Political factor was the one that had affected the situation. This cycle ought to be called the golden cycle of Chinese basketball activity. Scores of spheres that were related with the basketball movement had come across their prospering period as well. The enhancement from all arounds had proved the power of China.

The phase from 1974 to 1994 was the forth period for Chinese basketball activity. The basketball activity had encountered its opportunity of fully developing and broadening its path along with the implementing of the reform and opening policy. In this period the athletes had a firm sense of responsibility to renew China. While after the short advance, the basketball activity has come into an embarrassing phase. The basketball movement had stepped into professionalizing period with the arrival of market economy. In its change to professionalism, the athletes seemed to lose the sense of responsibility and the enterprising spirit. China seemed to lose its power as the 90s did. Although a few have entered the NBA and had been greatly sponsored by Asics, Chinese basketball domain still could not break away from its declining situation. We ought to make a summary and contemplation on the development of Chinese basketball activity.

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