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The Understanding of Life When You are Middle Aged

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The Understanding of Life When You are Middle Aged
First, save friendship

The reliable friendship is the warmest coat in one’s life. It is built according to your character and temperament. In this age, you must take better care of it. If so far, you still do not have a few strokes, then it is not late to store with the heart from now on.

Second, learn to give up

This age does not allow you immature. So when you are unable to grasp a certain kind of love, a certain edge, a certain reality, please learn to give up. Give a new start to your mind and body, as long as you have the confidence, you will have the courage; as long as you make efforts, you will succeed.

Third, sow kindness

You must try your best to make people who are bitter and harder than you feel the sunshine and beauty of this world. Such kindness often unexpectedly bears the most beautiful flower of human nature when you sow.

Fourth, understand music

Be sure to learn to use a musical instrument, which will wash your body and mind as well as open your memory and imagination. If you put the whole heart into it, it will bring you unexpected quietness. Like photography, collectibles ... they are all the MSG in our life, and our life has flavors bit by bit.

Fifth, avoid two kinds of sufferings

There are two kinds of sufferings: one is the suffering of cannot get; one is the suffering of loving.

Under the premise of you making efforts, you should regard all you want to get as a bet. When you succeed, you should be calm; when you fail, you should be indifferent. Fortunately, in this age, we also have some capital, so we can stage a comeback.

The world’s most bitter thing is love. If you have this affair at this time, be sure to cleaning it from the heart like cleaning the dust from the house.

Sixth, learn to bear

Some things need to be forgotten quietly. When you experience once, you should be wiser; some pain and trouble need to be born in silence; when you experience once, your experience will be richer. If you scream and burst into tears like a child, it is not the thing you should do in this age.

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