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The Heavy Price of Contempt

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Sardines are very common fish in the sea, their bodies are thin, but they are almost all fish’s food, but it can kill a huge whale.
Sardines are very common fish in the sea, their bodies are thin, but they are almost all fish’s food, but it can kill a huge whale.

The way of sardines killing whales is simple. When they encounter a whale, sardines are desperately to escape, and the whale will open the mouth following after the sardines. When sardines are getting closer to the beach, but the whale is unaware. When the whale at great speed closes to the beach, it is too late, its great body in the role of inertia rushes to the beach, and the heavy body is stuck in the sand, so that it is unable to move. While the body of sardines is very small, they will be able to survive with little water. In this unequal struggle, the final end is the death of whale.

Many fishermen know that whale cannot defeat sardines, because the whale looks down upon the tiny sardines, so its power has become a fatal flaw. In life, it is the same. We often beat our own by the strengths that we are all proud of.

Yes, sometimes, we often lose something because of our experience. For anything, we usually go to judge according to our experience, this is something we should pay attention to. I remember in school, for each exam, I would do it by my own experience. Sometimes, when I checked back problems, I was often by one or two questions confused, then, I would think that I have done such a similar topic, but the answer was another one. However, every time the results I change are wrong. This is the consequence resulting from my experience.

Sometimes we are too proud. Thought we are omnipotent. But there are much more powerful people, and we are just one of those outstanding people. Therefore, we should be modest and prudent to live. Do not wait have a bad result, we just know to regret. At that time, everything cannot be recovered. We cannot be the self-righteous be whale, even doing a mediocre small sardines is also good. If we have big title, we will bear a lot of pressure. Like the whale, it has big body and powerful force. But I would like to be a little sardine. Although it is the food of a lot of fish, but it is very brave, and very witty.

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