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The Global Plastics Industry Has a Bright Future

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The global plastic industry that has been affected significantly by the financial crisis is recovering. The development in the future will play an important role.
The global plastic industry that has been affected significantly by the financial crisis is recovering. The development in the future will play an important role. The manufacturers in the developed areas have been affected greatly during the economic recession. Though, they have eliminated through low-quality asset, reformed and created the new equipment to enhance their competitiveness. In addition, due to the ethylene oxide of low cost as raw materials, the strength of the North American producers is also growing.

According to statistics, in 2009 it has reached about 176 million tons of consumption. Compared with 2008, it is a sharp rise. Among them, high density polyethylene (HDPE) accounts for 17%, linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) 11%, low density polyethylene (LDPE) 10%, polypropylene (PP) 25%, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 18%, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 8%, polystyrene (PS) 6%, ABS 4% and polycarbonate (PC) 2%.

In the field of engineering plastics, which is influenced by the market driving of the developing regions, PC and ABS has a good growth momentum in demand in market. In the next 5 years, with the global PC demand with an annual growth rate of 5.8%, by the end of 2015 it will reach about 4.4 million tons. The report points out that in the car glass industry the application of the PC has the fastest growth rate. At the same time, the CM Company of the United States has said PC has the quite potential for growth in the application of electronic electrical industry. The market is expected in 2015 to become the biggest application field. Meanwhile, the main driving force will be emerging economies.

Global ABS market is expected to be growing at about 5% in the next five years at an average annual rate, which continues to be higher than the global GDP growth. In ABS the applications field of the fastest growth will be transportation and home appliance market. The latter is expected to grow at an average rate of more than 5%. By 2015, it will still be the biggest application field.

In addition, the CMAI report also notes that in the next few years, Europe and the United States plastic market has a good outlook and producers will increase competitiveness with slightly tight supply. Moreover, the device will keep higher starts. Some manufacturers are working to improve efficiency and produce special products. Further, they are reasonably reforming the high cost deice.

According to the statistics of the American chemical council, in 2009 the United States had higher PE exports. In 2010, it has continued the good momentum. In 2009 the United States plastic was mostly exported to China market. In 2010 the United States began to turn to Canada and Mexico. The Middle East has competitive products. Though, because North America adopts the low cost ethane as raw materials and vigorously seek for export opportunities, the imported products of Middle East will not be threatening to North American producers.

In addition, the need of PTFE rod in the building non-related areas in the United States has a sigh of recovery. It is expected that in 2010 the United States PTFE rod demand will has rapid growth, but it is significantly lower than 2006 ~ 2007 year. In the next five years, the demand of PS in North America and Western Europe will increases by 1.5% ~ 1.7%. PET manufacturers will face the situation that supply exceeds demand. For a period of time, PET has less growth in demand.

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