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The Dangers of DIY Screen Replacement

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A DIY windscreen replacement may seem like an easy way to save yourself some money, but it can actually cause significant damage to your car, and in the long run.
A DIY windscreen replacement may seem like an easy way to save yourself some money, but it can actually cause significant damage to your car, and in the long run, result in higher costs if you have to take your car back to the mechanic to have it repaired again because of some unforeseen issue with the DIY job. We’ll go over five reasons why you shouldn’t attempt a DIY screen replacement or windscreen chip repair Sydney and how doing so can be harmful to your car.


If you were to successfully install a new screen on your own, the cost could easily be more than triple the amount of an authorised windscreen replacement. If you're able to replace it on your own and not damage any other part of the phone, great! That'll save you some money! But if not, don't try. It's worth it to have it done professionally.


When it comes to windscreen replacement near me, there are certain jobs that should be left to the professionals. A DIY screen replacement can actually put you at risk of damaging more of your car than you had initially intended. Plus, depending on how skilled you are with glass repair, the consequences could be quite dire.


Attempting windshield repair Sydney without any experience can be dangerous. Improper installation may damage the car, rendering it unusable and making it impossible to identify the culprit. Additionally, there is no way of predicting whether or not you will break your car’s warranty simply by performing a repair that was not intended for it.


Almost every modern automobile has their own style of windscreen, so you would need to find the one that is compatible with your car. The easiest way to determine this is by looking for the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the windscreen. These numbers can be found on the driver's side panel just below the windshield and are typically 17 characters long. Another thing to think about before going through with any type of screen replacement is what type of glue will be used. A professional mechanic knows what type of car glass you need and how to install them.


You're changing the integrity of the dashboard - every time you work on your car, some parts are going to get scratched or dented. When it comes to DIY screen replacement, there's more involved with getting at and replacing the screen than just getting something off and sticking another one on. The glass in your dash is delicate and taking that extra care will help maintain the integrity of your dashboard for years to come.

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