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Teflon Sheet's Application in Fertilizer Production

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During the working process of teflon sheet, the pump roller would rotate. The pair of roller on rotor body would rotate as per a piece of special teflon sheet.
During the working process of teflon sheet, the pump roller would rotate. The pair of roller on rotor body would rotate as per a piece of special teflon sheet. The pressing force between roller and pump shell would squeeze the hose. Under the compulsory force of hose and sliding roller, the vacuum formed to recover would absorb the liquid. The liquid would be removed out of the pipeline through the roller's mechanical pressing. And, such process would be operated in circle. The pump structure is simple and easy for manufacture. The durability of pump would be mainly determined by the flexibility and anti-erosion feature of teflon sheet. Its liquidity amount and rolling speed of engine would be something with inner radius of teflon sheet. Therefore, the crucial part is to choose the teflon sheet and PTFE rod . Only if the teflon sheet owns long utility period and stable rolling speed, it would be no problem to sustain fixed transporting amount in the long term.

The key part of teflon sheet is the pipeline, which is the only connecting part of pump. If the teflon sheet satisfy the production standard, the pump can normally work. Therefore, user should choose the teflon sheet as per utility aim and transporting media. The common brands of teflon sheet contain: Tygon (R3603 ordinary type): it is cheap and hard to defend erosion. It can be used in the experiment room as the sound vacuum system pump. Tygon special type: it can be used to send hydrocarbon material. So, it is suitable to send petrol oil, burning oil and lubrication oil. Viton: such teflon sheet can be used to transfer special erosive chemical drugs and agents. But the price would be high and the using period is short. Silicone: it is compatible with UADA, a rubber testing agent standard and FDA. The working temperature range is wide. And the solidification influenced by temperature is tiny. It is with medium-level price and long using period. When the pump head's rolling speed is 200r/min, the teflon sheet would be flexible after 450 hours' work.

The utility of teflon sheet mainly considers the following factors: anti-erosion feature, operating condition (such as pressure, temperature and liquid flowing), non-poisonous feature and price. Those factors influence each other, so we should take a balanced decision to meet economic and reasonable choice. Since the teflon sheet is with long utility period. It can continue working for more 1200 hours with the pump head's running speed of 50r/min. Since the flexibility is good and price is not expensive, recently teflon sheet meets vast utility ranges.

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