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Stronger bones at any age

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The truth is that caring for your bones is something that needs to be done all throughout your life, so no matter what your age or health, it’s best that you start caring immediately
When you’re a child your parents make sure to give you a glass of milk regularly so that your bones can grow strong. When you’re an elderly person you start hearing about your friends breaking bones due to osteoporosis and so you look for ways to keep safe. But when you’re in between childhood and advanced adulthood you completely forget about your bone health as if it was not important. And the truth is that caring for your bones is something that needs to be done all throughout your life, so no matter what your age or health, it’s best that you start caring immediately.

Nutrition has a great impact on your bones on two levels. One of them involves providing calcium and vitamin D to your body. Calcium is the building block as far as your bones go, and vitamin D is the agent improving its absorption. That is why you should still try to drink that glass of milk or have a cup of yogurt on a regular basis. And if you’re lactose intolerant or limit your dairy intake to cheese only, make sure to look for other foods that will provide you with both calcium and vitamin D, like fortified orange juice, cereal or soy milk. You can also look into supplements that will help keep your calcium and vitamin D at healthy levels. Other aspect of nutrition’s impact on your bones is weight. The heavier you are from eating unhealthy foods, the harder it is for your bones to carry your weight around, making them weaker and more prone to breaks. And that is why you need to start eating better and taking care of yourself to give yourself a better chance at remaining in good bone health.

Aside from eating better, you need to start exercising regularly if you want to avoid bone breaks as much as possible. Weight bearing exercises will help you shed the extra pounds and keep them off, as well as strengthen your body. Exercise will positively influence your balance and coordination, protecting you against falls and related fractures. With regular exercise your bone density will increase and your muscles and ligaments will strengthen, making you more resilient. No matter if you’re at risk of osteoporosis, need to loose some weight, have noticed you’re becoming more prone to accidents involving tripping and falling, or you’re in perfect shape, adding a set of strengthening exercises a couple of times a week will only help your overall condition, so don’t wait and find exercises that are right for you now.

Between proper nutrition, providing plenty of calcium and vitamin D, and weight bearing exercises, you should be able to keep your bones strong and healthy. However, accidents can still happen and you may still end up with a broken bone. If that happens, continue with proper diet and as soon as you’re allowed, get back to your exercise, so you can heal and be back in shape with your bone now stronger than ever.

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