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Squirrel hunting arrowing towards success with a bow

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Of all the weapons used in squirrel hunting the bow is undoubtedly the one demanding the greatest skill. Mastering this lethal and highly powered killer takes both dedication and determination, but is deeply rewarding at the end of the process.
Hunting squirrels can be one of the most gratifying of all the different game hunts that are practised, due to the fact that, if successful, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will have got the better of a prey, which is undoubtedly one of the quickest and probably the most skilled of climbers in the entire animal world. Although public park squirrels may have given you a perception that they are friendly and extroverted creatures, in truth they are remarkably shy and you will be incredibly fortunate to get within 20 yards of one, so tracking them is a real challenge.

There are many ways in which to hunt these little critters, but being logical, one of the best squirrel hunting tips is to make sure that, whatever the method you do actually practice, you have researched it properly and not try and undertake any technique completely blind. Naturally you will have to start somewhere, so watch some footage of other more experienced hunters going about their ways, listen to good advice from those that know, or read up on the best procedures.

Possibly the most rewarding form of all is squirrel bow hunting, but this is without doubt the most skilled of all the approaches, and will require some considerable time and dedication. Once proficient, no other process will ever give quite the same feeling of fulfilment. Due to the fact that it is an almost completely silent weapon, it is possible to wipe out a whole family, one at a time, without causing alarm to neighbouring packs. In addition, the arrows are nearly always reusable, therefore the same projectile can do all the damage.

There are three main types of bow which can be used: either the straight limb, the recurve, or the compound. Each have their own individual strengths and weaknesses, so it comes down to personal preference. The most high powered of the three is the compound, but inevitably this means they are also the most costly, plus they require large amounts of maintenance to keep them in a condition as a finely tuned destructive weapon. Slightly less powerful is the recurve, but its accuracy, though near perfect, is dependant upon the users strength in drawing back and holding. The straight limb is the one with the least power and consequently ought to be the one which an inexperienced bowman commences with.

The arrows themselves are obviously hugely important, and the most sought after are the fibreglass versions due to their immense accuracy and total flexibility, otherwise a wooden shaft tends to be the next best thing. The bow is a lethal killing machine, so placement of that all important first shot is vital and the recommendation is to arm the arrow with a broadhead tip to complete the operation cleanly. If an archer does become adept, then an added bonus is that there are terrific improvements in the sight and hearing senses too, plus it sharpens their stalking capabilities to a razor like capacity.

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