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Speechmart - Your Words Into Memmorable Moments !

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Speechmart is an online website which provides different types of speeches on all categories according to the needs of customers.

Professional speeches ...

Speechmart is an online website which provides different types of speeches on all categories according to the needs of customers.Speechmart is intended to help people who doesn't have time to prepare a speech in short time.

For many people creating speeches means hours of work, sleepless nights and afterwards getting tongue-tied when it matters most...But it need not be so. Choose from a variety of over 1250 finished speeches or let us help with a personal speech written just for you. Stay relaxed and be the star at the next event.
It has never been easier or gone faster...

Let us do the work, so you can be relaxed!
You are welcome to browse through all of our speeches, we have 1079 pre-written speeches. You are the toastmaster and are welcome to use the toastmaster planner and guide.If you cannot find the speech you wish, you can always order a special, custom made one. You will be contacted by a speechwriter who collects all information before work is done and who will take into account the little details that is dear to your heart

After a few days, the speech will be sent to you through an e-mail, flawless, rhetorically correct, witty and captivating. Just the way you want it!The speech - whether it is pre-written or customized - will be even more successful if you have already read it, but learning the text by heart is recommended. Some advice would be to have the speech with you so you do not miss anything when the time comes.You cannot be better prepared than with a speech from! Our speechwriters have the capability to write speeches for every situation, based on their expertise and solid rhetorical skills.

Our latest speeches

> Women dictate...

> Classroom is the place for studies

> Relationship based on pure love!

> Giving and taking.

> Inspiring lessons.

> Awesomeness around.

> Deep fall into love.

> Golden memories to cherish.

> A memorable wedding.

> The future talent.

> We dedicate this sacred Christmas Eve to peace and prosperity all around us.

> I began my day today by planting a birthday kiss on her cheeks

> May the jolly good soul be alive and kicking for a few more years?

> Always carry fond remembrances of your home, your Society, your country!

> At the adjacent table, a group of pretty girls were seated. I met a girl eye to eye

> This School is your home away from home

> Sorry God, this is kingdom bachelorhood

> I bow before all my teachers with deep gratitude!

> It is a small step that could become a giant leap for our elders

> Adopting tennis as a profession is not a bad idea; the money is worth chasing!

Delivery of the speech

When the delivery of the speech / speeches is done, the speech / speeches will appear over a clickable link on the page that comes up after the purchase and the "My Account" in the menu under each order status.


Check the "My Account" in the menu, the speech must be in order.
If you dont find the speech there, contact the support for help..


To the left you will see a search function.
You can search for by any word.
You can search by a speechwriter's name.
You can limit the search to only look for speeches with a certain price.

You can also order a unique custom made speech.
One of our talented speechwriters will write a speech just for you.

About Us

Lena Holfve - the owner of and Managing Director of European Manuscript Online Private Limited. She successfully run a similar venture in Sweden from 2003 to 2011 called Taltips.
She was a professional writer in Sweden until 1992 and then came to work with the Internet. She started her first IT service in 1992.

Lena reached the finals three times in the Stockholm Challenge. She was the Swedish governments ambassador to female entrepreneurship.

Learn More about her:

Patrick Nwachukwu - the editor of He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree.
He is a practising lawyer and a former University teacher, an author and a poet. He is an accomplished motivational speaker and speechwriter with bias in political speeches and company communications.

Patrick edits and approves content posted in the database.

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Speechmart is intended to help people who doesn't have time to prepare a speech in short time.

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