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Smart is as Smart Says

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Do we pay attention to the way we sound when we speak about something? It is important to give it a closer look. You may choose to sound intelligent, open minded and feel comfortable in every conversation.
It’s not difficult to sound dumb and ignorant. All you need to do is start talking about something you have no knowledge of and pretend you’re the expert on it. You may also express opinions using vulgar language, stick to unreasonable point or start yelling and throwing a fit whenever you’re pointed out to not be correct or when somebody presents a valid point that is not agreeable with yours. You may, of course, choose to sound intelligent, open minded and feel comfortable in every conversation.

To start with, if you don’t know anything about what is being discussed, don’t pretend you do. Making a lengthy point that really has no message just to say anything makes no sense. You’ll be discovered right away and might get put on the spot by somebody who pays attention to what is being said, and you’ll feel even worse. Instead, if you don’t know anything about the subject, listen and don’t be afraid to ask questions. A smart person knows what they don’t know and are wiling to find out new information, so if you hear somebody talking about single speed bikes, Bergman’s movies or experimental medicine, listen and learn.

If you join the conversation mid way, listen for a few minutes before you start talking. You may hear a phrase that sounds familiar or gets you all excited and you’ll want to jump in on it, but you may in fact be joining a different conversation than you think is taking place. Finding out what the topic really is first will let you avoid strange situations where you might attack somebody for using racial slur when they only cite somebody else, or start talking about a silly movie when a serious matter is discussed.

It’s very important to listen to others when partaking in a conversation, and to realize everybody has a right to their own opinion. You are not the alpha and omega and others don’t have to see the world in the same colors you do. Just like you have the right to your opinion, others have the same right and trying to convince them they’re wrong or calling their standpoint shallow or stupid is extremely rude and close minded. By all means express your opinion and make it known tat you don’t agree with what somebody else thinks, but do so in a polite and civilized way.

Finally, if you want to sound smart, get smart. Listen to what people have to say but don’t immediately take their opinions and make them yours. Question what you hear and read, and find out more. If you’re interested in motorcycles, visit some Harley rentals and dealerships; if you like fashion, watch latest runway shows and read magazines; if you want to know more about computers, ask an IT tech friend to tell you some more about them and check out professional and hobby sites and magazines. Read books, watch educational shows on TV, listen to the radio and browse the internet, and when you gather all kinds of information from different sources, compare it and come to your own conclusions you can later on discuss in a smart way.

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