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Signs That Indicate Your Windscreen is not Installed Correctly

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Poor installation is one of the reasons for cracks and chips on the windscreen. A damaged windshield increases the chance of fatal accidents.
Poor installation is one of the reasons for cracks and chips on the windscreen. A damaged windshield increases the chance of fatal accidents. Besides, poorly installed windscreen poses many threats. If the windshield is shifted in an accident or was not properly installed, it will give you certain signs that are indicative of a problem. If you notice any of the following signs, take your vehicle to the nearby car glass garage to have it looked at.

Your windscreen rattles

If the windscreen rattles or bounces when you are driving, it is a tell-tale sign that indicates your windshield is loose. You may require a quick repair or windscreen replacement Sydney, depending upon the damage. A rattling windscreen is caused by a windscreen that is not properly fixed or because the adhesive is not holding the windscreen firmly in place. Regardless of the reason, if see or hear your windscreen is bouncing, get it fixed as early as possible.

Water leaks

The major purpose of the windscreen is to protect the occupants from natural elements such as UV rays, rain, and snow. If it is raining outside and water seeping in around the edges of the windshield while you are driving, it is a sure sign your car glass is not installed correctly or become loose due to recent accident.

Blurred vision

If you see any wavy patterns while looking out of the windscreen, then probably it is not fixed properly. This occurs when the glass gets shifted from its designated place. As the shift can be small, you cannot notice it by looking at it.

Old adhesive is not removed

It is essential to scrap off the old adhesive and apply a new one while replacing a windshield. The old adhesive does not allow the windshield to fit the frame and seal it completely. The new layer should be given some time to dry off before you use the car.

You drove immediately after replacement

It is not advisable to drive the car immediately after car windscreen replacement Sydney. While it typically takes more or less than an hour to replace the windscreen, the adhesives used to hold the glass take about three to eight hours to get harden. If you are driving your car immediately after the replacement, there is a high chance that your windscreen is not properly installed.

If you notice any of these signs, contact your auto glass technician. If its manufacturer’s fault, you can get it replaced at free of cost. If not, the windscreen replacement cost Sydney can be claimed if you have insurance.

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